Q&A with George Hypolite

Inside, George Hypolite talks about practicing in the cold and the similarity of practice following a loss and a victory. Also, notes from following Wednesday's practice, which head coach Dan Hawkins said was the second good one in a row.

Sophomore defensive tackle George Hypolite has played the second most snaps of any CU defensive lineman this season (367). He's been productive during his time on the field, as well. Hypolite has 31 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 2 sacks and two fumble recoveries to his name.

For the first time this fall, the Buffs have practiced in adverse weather conditions. Tuesday, it was snowing during practice. Wednesday, temperatures were in the 30s by the time practice was over. Still, Dan Hawkins said they've put two good practices together, and are hoping for a third on Thursday.

BSN spoke to Hypolite after Wednesday's practice, in which the Buffs continued preparing for their trip to Norman to play Oklahoma on Saturday (5 p.m. mountain time/FSN).

BSN: I probably ask players this every year this time of year, but how is it practicing in the cold?
George Hypolite
: Like Coach Hawk says, we're rolling. Yesterday there was snow all over the ground and we still came out and did a good job. The cold really can't affect us because if it's snowing during a game, we've still got to play. So we just roll.

BSN: He said last week the Tuesday and Thursday practices were as good as they'd been, especially the Thursday practice. Is that something that was obvious to the players?
: I think we were a lot more crisp. We made a lot less mistakes, which was a great sign. Because in the game we made a lot less mistakes. We didn't have any penalties. On defense, we didn't have many assignment errors. We played pretty well. And, yeah, it was a great practice (last Thursday). We had great attention to detail.

BSN: Do you expect another great practice tomorrow?
: Most definitely. I expect that we're going to try and do the best we can.

BSN: Earlier in the season, Coach Hawkins said he and his staff wouldn't do things any differently after a win than they did after a loss. Have you seen that?
: Really, irregardless of us winning or losing, there's still things you can improve on. So I think the coaching staff isn't (doing things) much different. Practice doesn't feel any different from the past six weeks. Nothing's really different. We've just got a win under our belt.

BSN: Does the win help players' confidence?
: You know, I don't think we were an un-confident team, to be very honest. I think the win more or less confirmed it to everyone out there looking at us. A lot of people we couldn't necessarily get it done. But I think the win showed that we can get it done against a very quality opponent like Texas Tech.

BSN: Speaking of quality opponents. Oklahoma, what do you see from their offense?
: They've got a great offensive line. They're pretty young. They're all sophomores like I am. They're pretty big, they move well, they pass block well. They do it all well. You wouldn't expect anything less from Oklahoma.

• Dan Hawkins said Wednesday's practice "was good. They ran around good. They really did. Execution is never what we want it to be, but they practiced hard.

"Even yesterday when the conditions were gnarly, they went hard. Nobody ever said anything. They busted their fannies. We had to cut out a few things like one-ons because they were useless (with the snowy conditions), but the effort's been great.

"Keep our fingers crossed and maybe we'll put three (good practices ) together. It'll be the first time this year."

J.J. Billingsley is out for the Oklahoma game, and Mark Fenton is doubtful.

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