Healthy King-Stockton Ready to Contribute

Six-foot-9 junior Marcus King-Stockton is now the old guy on the low blocks for the Buffaloes. King-Stockton will be needed to shore up the middle and take a bigger leadership role on the team this season. It's something he knows is expected of him.

Marcus King-Stockton's playing time and output fluctuated over the course last season. Twice he grabbed 10 or more rebounds and three times he failed to grab any. He broke into the starting lineup in February, but was coming off the bench again later in the season.

So what does head coach Ricardo Patton expect from King-Stockton this time around?

"I just expect him to play good solid basketball; play like a junior, like a guy that's been here and like a guy that belongs here," Patton said Monday. "So far he's really done a good job for us in practice."

Some of King-Stockton's inconsistency last season — when he averaged 1.8 points and 3.2 boards per game — can be attributed to the fact he was playing hurt most of the year. Post-season surgery has King-Stockton healthy again.

He'll head into the season as the odds-on favorite to start in the low post for the Buffaloes. BSN spoke to King-Stockton prior to Monday's practice.

BSN: No Julius Ashby, no Chris Copeland. You're the old big man now. How does that feel?
: It feels a little different. But it feels OK. It's time for me to step up. That's all it means really.

BSN: You kind of played hurt last year with the hernia and the toe issue. When did those happen?
: The hernia happened about the middle of last season. And I've had the toe problem since my freshman year.

BSN: You had surgery after last season?
: Yeah, I had to get all fixed up and get ready to go for this one.

BSN: So are you 100 percent?
: Oh yeah. I'm ready to go.

BSN: What are your expectations for yourself for this season?
: I expect to be a leader for these younger guys. I expect to pick up a lot of slack in the middle with Chris and Julius gone. They really need me this year. So I look forward to picking up that slack.

BSN: What do you see from the young guys, Sean Kowal, Marc Van Burck and Trent Beckley?
: I see a lot of potential. They can be very good. We'll see a lot of them this year. Pretty soon everyone will be able to see what I see in practice every day.

BSN: Tell me about the offense you guys will run. You're going to be in the low post?
: Yeah, I'll be low post. We'll run a lot more than last year. I think we'll be more up and down.

BSN: Why do you say that?
: I think guys are more athletic. And that's what coaches really want us to do. That's fun basketball.

BSN: I get hearing about Jermyl Jackson-Wilson. What's your take on his game?
: Jermyl's a very good player, a very explosive player, very quick player. I'm not going to reveal too much about him. You all have heard a lot about him, but you will see for yourself. All the hype that you've been hearing, he will live up to it.

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