Colorado Wants Davis' Full Concentration

Entering his first full recruiting calendar under the helm of the Colorado Buffaloes, Dan Hawkins knew he needed playmakers. Fortunately, right within the state borders, hails one of the nation's best in wide receiver Drew Davis. Josh Clark caught up with Davis to offer this special report to

Drew Davis was originally scheduled to make his official visit to Boulder on the weekend of October 8th.

That visit did not occur.

"I had a football game that Saturday morning so I would have gone to Boulder on Friday, then left Saturday morning, and returned for the visit," Davis informed

"Colorado told me they wanted me to make a visit when I would be able to spend all weekend in Boulder and have full concentration on Colorado."

Whether Davis will re-schedule that official visit is now up in the air.

"I've scheduled official visits with Washington (Nov. 11th), UCLA (Dec. 2nd), and Georgia Tech (Dec. 9th)," Davis stated.

"I'm still considering making an official visit to Colorado, but I'm also considering Cal and Oregon, so I have some decisions to make."

According to Davis, he has narrowed his list to those six schools.

"I've submitted applications, and put so much research and thought into each school, it would be ridiculous for me to haev a new school enter the picture," Davis said.

Georgia Tech is the most recent school to enter the picture having just shown its most serious interest in the past month.

"I had been trying to get in contact with Georgia Tech ever since I watched their game against Notre Dame. I sent them my highlight tape earlier this fall, and then they began calling me a month ago," Davis informed.

"Coach (Buddy) Geis has been talking to me. With Calvin Johnson potentially leaving, they need a big-play wide receiver and a deep threat, and he tells me I'll have a chance to come in and earn a spot. I really feel I fit their offense well."

Regarding the Buffaloes, Davis says this current season has not influenced his thoughts on Colorado.

"They have been struggling, but they have good coaches," added Davis, who was selected to play in a prep All-American game in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 4th.

"It is Coach Hawkin's first year, and it is a transition year. They just need players right now."

"Coach (Eric) Kiesau tells me they want to put the ball in the air a lot, and the ball in their playmakers' hands. Their offense is built around their wide receivers and they need a guy like me to come in and make plays," Davis said.

Coach Hawkins has also played a vital role in the recruitment of Davis.

"Coach Hawkins talks to me from time-to-time, in between when I talk to Coach Kiesau and Coach (Darian) Hagan," said Davis, who will graduate high school in December and participate in spring practice at the school of his choice.

"Coach Hawkins is real interactive, and really cares for his players beyond the field. He really cares for you more as a person than football player, but is still very passionate about winning."

"He's energetic; there are times he'll scream and yell over the phone. I can remember going to their practices, and seeing him running across the field to make a point. You don't see many head coaches that share his energy," Davis remarked.

Davis says he will be looking for a place that reminds him of home, and gives him that comfort of feeling as if he were home, while on his official visits.

He's also looking to play for coaches who will help him get to the next level.

"Coach Kiesau told me he's put a receiver in the NFL every year, except for this last year, I believe. I want to play for a wide receiver coach that I know has put guys in the pro's, and can help prepare me for the next level," Davis stated.

Davis has played under three different head coaches at his high school in the past year, which has prevented his team from having the type of season they expected in his senior season.

"I hope nobody has to go through a season like I have this year, but it has left me even more hungry to suceed in college. Now, I just want to win that much more," Davis concluded.

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