Golding Comments on Boulder

Nickcaro Golding was one of a handful of visitors this weekend and he had a good time on his Boulder voyage. Inside, we get his comments on the trip.

Height: 6-5
Weight: 215
40 time: 4.68
Bench: 225
Squat: 460
Clean: 190
From: Evanston, Illinois
High School: Evanston Twp

"It went good," said Nickaro Golding of the weekend visit. "The scenery was nice. It was real pretty. The players and the people I met there were real cool. They spoke to me more this time about being a defensive end instead of a linebacker."

Golding spoke with all the coaches. "They all told me that they really, really want me there. I really liked Coaches Cabral and Bandison."

After two trips, the defensive end compared the visits. "I liked Colorado better than Purdue. I would say Colorado is my top choice now. I still have to go to Wisconsin and West Virginia."

Golding said last week that his mom preferred Purdue, but that has changed. "The Coach from Wisconsin came and spoke with her and she really likes them now. That is where she wants me to go. Plus, it is only a two hour car ride from here."

The Illinois native was hosted by Marquez Herrod. The D-end believes he can play early at Colorado. "There is no doubt in my mind I can play there as a freshman or a sophomore."

The Buffalo Sports News will speak with Golding again after his final trips, in December.

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