Tello Comments on Boulder

Adam Tello was a soft commit coming into his visit to Boulder this weekend. He made the trek with teammate and fellow commit, Garth Gerhart. Did the visit to CU change Tello's mind about taking future trips to Arizona and Arizona State?

When the Buffalo Sports News first contacted Adam Tello Tuesday evening, he got off the phone quickly when Arizona State called on the other line. He then called us back and said that his talk with ASU went well, and they just wanted to confirm him for his visit there on the weekend of November 18th. "I told them I was still coming," admitted Tello. "I am changing my Arizona visit to December 1st or the 8th. They wanted me to change it because they wanted me to come there for a full weekend, not one of my game weekends when I would get there Saturday and leave on Sunday."

So he will still visit the AZ schools. Does he still consider himself a commit to Colorado? "I am still committed there. I liked it a lot. We got to go into the mountains and overlook the town and the campus - it was real nice. My mom also liked it a lot. She told me that the decision is up to me but she really likes Colorado."

The best aspect of Boulder for Tello may be the weather. "The colder weather felt good. I don't like hot weather. Since I am big, I sweat a lot and I don't like that. You can't escape the heat but when it is cold you can at least put on some warmer clothes."

Tello believes in what the Colorado coaches are saying about turning the program around. "I totally believe in what they are doing there and I think they are going to be real good. I liked all the coaches. They have a good offensive line coach, a good strength coach and a good head coach."

The staff told the O-lineman that he could possibly rotate between Guard and Tackle.

The BSN will speak with Tello after his next two visits.

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