A Career That Could Bloom

Jeremey Bloom's decision to either play football at CU or make endorsement money as a professional skier just got a little tougher. Bloom showed off his football skills in yesterday's scrimmage, catching a 65 yard TD pass from QB Zac Colvin and out running everyone on a 59 yard punt return for a touchdown.

There really wasn't anything too out of the ordinary at CU's first scrimmage of the year.  The offense looked rusty, the defense made some big plays and the special teams had their ups and downs.  Typical for a scrimmage in mid-August.

To rip off a Clint Eastwood movie, here is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Saturdays scrimmage in Boulder.

The Good:

- WR Jeremy Bloom:

The potential CU WR is scheduled to make his decision to play football or not on Monday.  After CU fans saw his potential Saturday they are hoping he decides to play more than ever.  Bloom torched the defense with an out and up that had the CU secondary looking for where they had lost their jocks.  Bloom caught a beautifully thrown ball from Sr. QB Zac Colvin for a 65 yard touchdown that had CU fans going wild.  It got better.  Later in the scrimmage, Bloom returned a punt 59 yards for a touchdown and basically out ran everyone on the field.  The 5'9" freshman impressed everyone with his speed and skill and if he chooses to give up the endorsement money for a while and play football, he will be an immediate impact player.

- DB Medford Moore:

The 6'2" Jr. from Los Angeles made Russel Crowe in Gladiator look like a wimp.  Moore had several huge hits on a variety of unfortunate wide receivers and broke up several more passes.  Moore is expected to pick up where FS Michael Lewis left off last season and could provide some much needed leadership in a young CU secondary.

- Other Notables:

- Freshman RB Brian Calhoun showed why coaches are very high on him already.  He showed some great moves, speed and scored on a 1 yard dive early in the scrimmage.

- Freshamn WR Tyler Littlehales caught a 64 yard TD from Freshman QB Joel Klatt and showed the speed the coaches have been talking about.

The Bad:

   - QB Craig Ochs:

Not that his performance was so bad, it was the fact he was brought to the CU locker room early into the scrimmage.  All Buff fans held their breath as he walked from the practice field in pain.  Apparently Ochs hit his thumb on his throwing hand on a defenders helmet and took a little chunck out of it.  This nightmare story does have a happy ending though.  In the Dal Ward Center, he was evaluated, taped up and returned to the scrimmage.  After the scrimmage Ochs talked about what happend and said " It's fine, they just wanted to make sure everything was OK so they took me out for a second and every is fine."

- The Running Game:

What, the nation's best running attack couldn't run on the CU defense?  To put it in layman's terms: No they couldn't.  The Buffs defense pretty much held the running game in check all day and didn't allow a big run from any of the CU backs.  Marcus Houston and Bobby Purify did have a few nice runs and Brian Calhoun scored on a 1 yard dive, but overall, the running game did not do to much.

The Ugly:

 - Special teams had some ugly moments.  A bad snap and hold ruined a potential fieldgoal attempt by Sr. Pat Brougham.  Not that it was his fault but the "fire" play after the botched snap was not pretty.  Brougham did nail a fieldgoal earlier in the scrimmage from 47 yards out.

- Sr. DB Joe Swift had a guaranteed interception for a touchdown bounce right off of his chest and fall to the ground.  Craig Ochs pass was not pretty but Swift's drop was even worse.

- RB Marcus Houston had a chance to take a screen pass for a huge gain but he forgot one thing: the ball.  Houston had two blockers and a whole lot of field in front of him but dropped an easy screen pass.

- The long line CU fans had to wait in to get into the practice field.  About 300 season ticket holders had to wait about 30 minutes before they got into the practice field.  They were rewarded after the scrimmage though when the players and coaches hung around and signed autographs.

  Overall, CU coaches were pleased with some things but did say they had a long way to go. 

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