Interview With QB Craig Ochs

Craig Ochs gave CU Buff fans quite a scare on Saturday. After making a throw, he hit his hand on a defenders helmet and left the field. After a quick evaluation and tape job, the Jr. QB returned to the scrimmage and played a few more series. I caught up with Ochs after the scrimmage and got his reaction.

Question And Answers With QB Craig Ochs:


Q: The first scrimmage is behind you, how did you feel things went today?

A: "Well, the offense looked pretty poor to be honest with you.  Our timing was a little off but you have to give the defense credit, they flew around.  These guys have been playing against us for about a week now, so they know what we are going to do in many situations."

"Offensively we need to go back to the drawing board and see what's going on."

Q: Usually at this point the defense is ahead of the offense.  Overall, how did you feel out there today?

A: " I felt pretty good, once again I felt a little rushed at times but overall I think I did pretty well.  You know, like you said, the defense is usually so far ahead of the offense at this point and I believe in the next scrimmage things will be different."

Q: You gave us all a pretty good scare when you left the field.  How's the hand?

A: "It's fine, they wanted to make sure everything was OK so they took me out for a second but everythings fine."


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