Bloom To Play At CU

Not even the temptation of major endorsement money and Olympic fame could keep Jeremy Bloom off the football field. Monday, Bloom announced he was going to fulfill another dream of his, to play football at the University of Colorado.

After dominating Saturday's scrimmage, Freshamn WR / PR Jeremy Bloom's decision to play football for the University of Colorado got even tougher.

After taking Sunday to weigh all of his options, Bloom made it offical Monday afternoon that he would sever all deals for endorsements, TV deals and apparel contracts and would play football for the Buffs.  At least this season.

Bloom has let it be known that he will continue to persue his World Cup mogul skiing and Olympic career while maintaining his academic eligibility to play football.

Bloom did say that his skiing career is in jeopardy though since he pays for his training and competition expenses through the endorsements he was receiving.

The bottom line was that he had a childhood dream to play football at the University of Colorado and he did not want that dream to slip away. 

"You could not give me any amount of money in the world to not fulfill this dream to play college football," Bloom said.

In Saturday's scrimmage, Bloom torched the CU defense on a 65 yard TD reception and a 59 yard punt return for a touchdown.  He is definitely going to be in the mix for a starting wide receiver spot.

Buff fans can celebrate, they got a Olympic champion on their team.

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