Coach's Corner: Jeff Ketron

The Douglas County Huskies came up a week short of repeating as 5A state champs this fall. DCHS lost to Mullen in the semifinals, but earned an 11-2 record along the way. Inside, DCHS head coach Jeff Ketron talks about offensive lineman Ethan Adkins, who was a key part of the Huskies' offense, and who verbally committed to Colorado this past summer.

With Adkins starting at offensive tackle, the Huskies averaged 34 points a game this season. They produced 1,618 yards on the ground and 1,224 yard through the air.

Adkins verballed to the Buffs in July, and is one of nine offensive linemen in the current crop of CU's verbal commits.

BSN: Tell me about Ethan Adkins.
: He's just a big ol' piece of lumber is what he is. He hasn't matured fully physically, no question about it. I think he's got a lot of filling out to do and he's going to get better and better and better. I'm really interested to see what he's going to look like in three years. I think he's just going to be an enormous human being.

Right now, he's strong and he was our primary guy that we ran behind last year. He just does an outstanding job getting the outside for us on our zone play. And to think that this kid has only just started to fill out is pretty amazing.

BSN: How big is he right now?
: He's 6-5 and he's 280 right now.

BSN: I know he played on the outside for you, but do you think he'll be a better fit as a guard or tackle at the next level?
: I think he's going to play either guard or right tackle. I don't think he's going to play left tackle. Who knows? But my opinion, he's going to be a guard. He's going to be pretty physical in the run game. I think that's his forte.

BSN: Your weight program kind of came to light for CU fans when Steven Fendry and Eric Lawson showed up in Boulder last summer stronger than a lot of the Colorado players. How much of an emphasis do you put on that?
: It's the core to our program. That's what we're based on. That's who we are.

I think the biggest thing is that there's just no excuses. Everybody has a weight program, but I think there's some flexibility for some people's programs in how you do it and what you're doing. And in ours, there's not. It's either get on the boat, grab an oar or get off. That's the mentality we take. It's pretty hard core.

We take a lot of pride in and we put a lot of emphasis on it because to me and to our kids – I think you could ask any of them – we firmly believe that the weightroom is the foundation for a person's character. Every day you face adversity and every day it's tough. You've got to make a decision whether you're going to fight or quit. And every day that you fight, you're going to get better.

BSN: How does Ethan fit into that?
: He's going to walk in there (to the Buffs) pretty strong, I can guarantee you that. Right now Ethan's power clean is 320, he's benching 320 and he's squatting 567. And he still has a semester left.

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