More with CU Commit, Josh "Fly" Smith

Future Buff Josh Smith helped lead Moorpark (Calif.) to the Southern Section CIF Finals game last weekend. The Musketeers lost a heartbreaker to Canyon Country, 24-22. Smith had a very strong season and the outspoken receiver says that CU is getting a great athlete and even though he carries the "sleeper" tag, he wants to be known as anything but. Inside, more on the wideout commit.

Height: 6-1 1/2
Weight: 183
40 time: 4.46
Bench: 265
Squat: 400
From: Moorpark, California
High School: Moorpark

Josh Smith visited Colorado for the Kansas State game. It was his first and last visit. Or is it? "Washington State still wants me to go on a trip there," Smith explains. "I had a trip scheduled with them but I had to re-schedule it. I might still take it but chances are I won't. Arizona State was another school I was supposed to go to. I was supposed to go visit there the same weekend that Markques Simas visited." On the trip to Boulder, he decided Colorado was the place for him and it looks like what the CU staff has in Smith is one of the top athletes in California. As a senior, Smith had 21 receptions for 477 yards and nine touchdowns. On defense, he had five interceptions. One was returned for a touchdown.

Smith's only written offer was from CU, but other coaching staffs led him to believe that had he tripped to their schools, they would have offered. "I think I could have gone to Washington State or Arizona State. I was also getting interest from USC, Washington, Colorado State, and Idaho."

He liked the early playing time opportunity that CU presented. "I think I can go there and get on the field quick. I also really got along with the people up there. Markques Simas and I clicked immediately. We were kind of waiting on eachother to commit. Him and I will do some good things there. Playing time was important to me. I mean, I could go to USC and get a ring, but my ring might come from the bench the first couple years. I want to play. I don't want to talk to my mom after a game and talk to her about winning the championship and ask her if she saw the highlights on ESPN. She would say 'Honey, where were you?' I would have to say 'What, you didn't see me on the sideline when the camera was zooming in on the bench for a split second?' Yeah, I would rather go to Colorado and get on the field."

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Smith always wanted to play for the Seminoles. "I actually liked the Gators growing up, but my family forbid me to follow them since we are from Tallahasee. So I had to start watching them more. I am definitely looking forward to playing the 'Noles next year. I moved to Moorpark just a couple years ago. I played my freshman and sophomore years at Osceola High School in St. Petersburg."

Smith is also a talented track athlete. Going into the spring, he is expected to be ranked in the top five in the state for the long jump. Last year, his first as a long jumper, he jumped 23-feet. "I actually did that on the first jump I ever attempted. Some people were asking me to try it and I started sizing it up and said, 'Y'all better stand back because I'm about to jump out this thing'. Once they started teaching me technique, my jumps started losing a little distance. I am not positive I will be in track for the spring. I might just focus on playing football."

The athlete is the Uncle of what is expected to be one of the top 100 seniors in the nation next recruiting cycle, Darrell Scott. Does Smith signing with the Buffs help CU's chances with Scott? "I am not sure. Darrell already has 20 offers (including one from CU) so he will have plenty of options. He will do what is best for him. I would love him to come play with me, of course, but he can go anywhere he wants. We'll see what happens."

The CU staff actually discovered Smith when they were watching tape on Scott. "Coach Kiesau says that he just kept saying 'who is this no.1 guy and when can we get him on a visit?'. Once the staff watched tape of me on both sides of the ball apparently Coach Brown and Kiesau were fighting over which of them I was going to play for. Since receiver is their biggest need position, that is where I'll play first."

Even though Smith knows he carries the "sleeper" tag, he warns people to not believe that. "When I get out on that field people will see the kind of athlete I am. I guarantee you they will not be sleeping on me anymore!"

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