Hawkins Does In-Home With Conrad Obi

CU fans were shocked when the new Buffs staff was able to pry top Southern defensive end Conrad Obi away from the Georgia Bulldogs. A little over two months later, Obi is still fully committed to the Buffs and is more eager than ever to get to Boulder. The Buffalo Sports News gets an update on his injury recovery and gets his thoughts on the future of Colorado football.

Height: 6-4
Weight: 245
40 time: 4.75
Bench: 330
Squat: 380
Vertical: "35
From: Loganville, Georgia
High School: Grayson

Conrad Obi was only able to play in four games this fall before tearing a tendon in his middle finger on his right hand. Before the injury, he had 15 tackles, two forced fumbles and two sacks. "The doctor I went to said it was a real sensitive injury and it could easily be re-injured so he strongly suggested that I miss the rest of the season," Obi explains.

The Peach State defensive end has remained steadfast in his commitment to Colorado despite the fact that he still receives a lot of mail and has even received a few phone calls from southern schools. "Coach (Head Coach Phillip) Fulmer called me from Tennessee. I also got calls from Kentucky and Alabama. I told them all to back off, but in a nice way. I definitely can't wait to get to Colorado. I want to get up there real soon after schools gets out on May 24th."

Coach Bandison recruited him for the Buffs and came by Grayson High last week. After that he went to Obi's house for a visit. Coach Hawkins came by the school and the house yesterday. "Coach Hawkins came by and my Mom cooked us all some Nigerian food. We are from Nigeria. Coach Hawkins seemed to have really enjoyed it. It was kind of a mix between some tomatoes, chicken and a rice stew. He was here for about two hours."

Coach Hawk had a chance to speak with Obi more about what he expects to happen when the defensive end makes his way to Boulder. "He told me that I have a big chance at playing time when I get there. He expects me to come in and compete for early playing time. He also said that they are putting together the best recruiting class that they have had in years. I expect to go there and do real big things. He also touched on some of the facilities improvements like what they are doing with the locker rooms and their new indoor facility."

Obi is still not fully qualified, but he doesn't see any problems with that. "I already got a qualifying test score with an 18 on the ACT. I just need to get my core credits in order. I will be fine by the end of the Spring semester and Coach Hawkins knows my situation and says he knows I'll pull through."

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