Interview With QB Craig Ochs

The Buffs main man talked about the offense, his injuries and the game with "rival" Colorado State.

RK: Craig, it's finally game week and the offense has had several practices and scrimmages, how's it coming along in your opinion?

CO: It's coming along great. I think we've improved a lot in the first and even more in the second scrimmage and then in two - a - days. We're excited at were we are at and we have two more days of hard practices on Weds and Thurs, but I think we are very confident going into Saturday."

RK: You've had a few injuries, the heel and hand, bothering you. How do you feel?

CO: "Everything is great, they were just a few nicks that you get in two-a-days but nothing that is going to linger."

RK: You went as a team to watch the CSU game against Virginia. As a whole what are your thoughts on this Colorado State team and more specifically, what about the defense?

CO: "Well as a whole, I think what everybody could see is that they are a very good team and played very hard. Defensively, I was very impressed at how physical they were. CSU has a reputation of being physical and they proved that against Virginia. Tremendous linebackers. There is really no weakness in that defense, so it means we have to be sound in our game plan and we have to be confident in what we do and pretty much play Colorado football and hopefully have sucess."

RK: Offensively, what will you need to do to be successful against CSU?

CO: "First of all we need to eliminate turnovers. You saw what happended to Virginia when they turned the ball over, they basically shot themselves in the foot. CSU will capitalize on those turnovers, so we can't have any of those. Second, we need to be balanced, we can't rely on one or the other, we need to be able to both run and throw the ball."

RK:The airwaves have been filled this week with talk about the CU /CSU game and the question, is this a rivalry?

CO: " I think it is, I look at it as a rivalry personally. This is a team that has gotten us two out of the last three years and it is a great in-state rivalry that I think people around the state look forward to each year and it is a great college atmosphere at Invesco. 40,000 fans for each team, it's rowdy and it's loud and there's a lot of trash talking and that's how a rivalry should be. So it has every making of a rivalry to me."

RK: That is how it should be. Last question, being a Colorado guy and growing up here, has this rivalry evolved a little bit now that it has been more competitve the past few years?

CO: No question, I think since coach Lubick came to CSU he has really turned that program around and its a program respected around the country. So there is no question that this is going to be a great game and we are real excited to play"

RK: Craig thanks for the time and good luck on Saturday.

CO: Thanks, I appreciate it.

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