Daniels Talks OL Class

Shawn Daniels was one of three players in Boulder for an official visit over the past weekend. Inside, Daniels talks about the offensive line class expected to sign with the Buffs on Feb. 7.

Offensive lineman Shawn Daniels, from Denver's Mullen High, joined Jacob Amie and Chaz Cervino on visits at CU this past weekend. Daniels said he had a good time on his trip. Of course, Daniels, who grew up in Denver and whose brother, Brian, was a starting offensive guard for the Buffs the past four seasons, is no stranger to the Colorado campus.

The biggest thing that was different for Shawn Daniels on his official visit, he said, was the opportunity to meet with academic staff at the university.

"We talked about classes and what the schedule is going to be, coming up," he said. "It was good to get to know a lot of the academic people."

A 6-3, 265-pound guard prospect, Daniels is part of a class of offensive linemen that could number as high as eight or fall to six on signing day, depending on where a couple players choose to sign. At this point, Daniels, Blake Behrens (Brophy Prep in Phoenix), Ethan Adkins (Douglas County), Mike Iltis (Riverview, Fla.), Ryan Miller (Columbine) and Matt Bahr (Mission Viejo, Calif.) are the offensive linemen in the class with solid commitments to the Buffs. Garth Gerhart and Adam Tello, both from Norco, Calif., have wavered from their initial verbal commitments to the Buffs, but still could fall into the fold next week.

Whatever happens, the 2007 class of offensive linemen will likely be crucial to the Buffs over the next handful of years. Daniels likes what he's heard about his future teammates.

"So far I've heard they're a bunch of hardworking guys, and so am I, so I think I'll fit right in," he said. "It'll be a good group. It should be fun."

Daniels knows Adkins from playing against his Douglas County team twice, and Miller, from the Mullen-Columbine state title matchup last season. Columbine beat Daniels' Mullen team. Daniels has gotten to know Miller, as well, from hanging out with him on photo shoots for various all-state squads.

And for the record, Daniels is his own man when it comes to the Daniels' boys. At least he said following in Brian's footsteps in Boulder has never been the reason he wants to be a Buffalo.

"I'm not really sure if he played much of a role," Daniels said. "It's a little bit of an influence, but CU was really my dream offer. That's really where I wanted to go. I wanted to stay in state and be close to home, and compete in the Big 12."

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