Amie Back From Mizzou, Decision Coming

Colorado is only holding its breath on a few players and Jacob Amie from Tyler (Lee) Texas is one of them. The 6-foot-4 receiver is down to four schools and his decision could be as soon as tomorrow.

Jacob Amie visited Colorado the weekend of January 27th and was hosted by fellow Texas product and current CU receiver, Patrick Williams. "I had a good trip to Colorado," Amie says. "I was treated well there and Coach Kiesau told me not only could I play as a freshman, I could possibly start."

The other three schools on his list; Nebraska, Texas Tech and Missouri are saying similar things. "They all guarantee me I'll play as a freshman. I could have a chance to start at any of them."

How big a factor is early playing time to Amie? "It is a big factor and so are the coaches recruiting me. I want to play for good coaches."

He really enjoyed his trip to Columbia over the weekend. "It was real nice. They have the best facilities I've seen."

Amie, however, is still not ready to claim a leader. "I will sit down with my Uncle tomorrow and make a decision, but I probably won't announce until Signing Day."

How big of a factor is his family in the decision? "They have kind of stayed out of it over the past couple months. Before that, they were favoring Nebraska for some reason. But now, they are leaving it up to me."

All schools are looking at Amie as a receiver although he has the frame to be a potential tight end, or maybe even a defensive end.

He says that Texas Tech has continuously recruited him the hardest. "The coaches from Tech are everywhere I turn and have been the whole recruiting process."

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