Adkins Signs CU LOI

Ethan Adkins has signed his letter of intent to play for Colorado. For more on the newest CU Buffalo, get inside.

Ethan Adkins
Offensive Line
Castle Rock, Colo.
Douglas County
6-4, 275

In His Own Words: "I am good at staying low and hitting my opponents before they get out of their stance. I never give up on a play and always finish my blocks."

Why Colorado? "It was getting towards the end of summer so I went with the best offer on the table. I enjoyed the camp and spoke with Coach Hawkins afterwards and let him know I wanted to be a Buff."

Other Offers: Colorado State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Wyoming

Recruiter: Chris Strausser

HS Coach Jeff Ketron: "He's just a big ol' piece of lumber is what he is. He hasn't matured fully physically, no question about it. I think he's got a lot of filling out to do and he's going to get better and better and better. I'm really interested to see what he's going to look like in three years. I think he's just going to be an enormous human being. Right now, he's strong and he was our primary guy that we ran behind last year. He just does an outstanding job getting the outside for us on our zone play. And to think that this kid has only just started to fill out is pretty amazing. He's going to walk in there (to the Buffs) pretty strong, I can guarantee you that. (In January 2007) Ethan's power clean is 320, he's benching 320 and he's squatting 567. And he still has a semester left."