Behrens on Board

Blake Behrens has signed his letter of intent to play for Colorado. For more on the newest CU Buffalo, get inside.

Blake Behrens
Offensive Line
Pheonix, Ariz.
Brophy Prep
6-3, 275

In His Own Words: "I have great technique so even if guys are bigger or stronger than me I can get the best of them. I watch a lot of film and I am constantly in the weight room."

Why Colorado? "I love Coach Hawk's enthusiasm. The thing I like about CU is that they are saying they are going after more athletic lineman. Not those big 6-5, 6-6, 340-pounders. I will never be one of those guys. I will probably get to 6-4, 290 and be lean and quick. That is what they want, so we see eye-to-eye."

Other Offers: Boise State, Colorado State, Miami, Oregon State, Utah, Washington State

Recruiter: Brian Cabral

HS Coach Scooter Molander: "As a sophomore, he played offensive line and did a great job. Last year, we just said the kid is so big and physical, let's make him a defensive lineman too. For the last three years we've run a college type practice where you play at one position. We only had four kids that went both ways this year. Anyway, for a guy to play both ways he's got to be a heckuva player. He did a great job on the o-line for three years and then played very well on the defensive line this year. He's a real strong kid. He just physically manhandles people. He's a very good drive blocker, a good pass blocker."

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