Getting to Know Sione Tau

Colorado landed a big-time player on signing day when Honolulu offensive tackle Sione Tau opted for the mountains of Colorado over the desert of Arizona. Tau is a player that comes in at a position that was recently depleted due to a couple transfers. Inside, an in-depth look at one of CU's signees.

Height: 6-6
Weight: 307
40 time: 5.3
Bench: 340
Squat: 375
Clean: 260
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
High School: Damien Memorial

After the departures of offensive tackles Paul Backowski and Quintin Borders, the CU staff was in desperate need of adding another offensive tackle to the class that already consisted of Matt Bahr and Ryan Miller. Not only did the staff add one, they garnered one of the best ones in the nation in Sione Tau. Tau-who had been committed to Arizona-surprised a lot of people when he chose the Buffs on signing day. "I was just thinking more and more about Coach Hawk's history of winning and how he had won at every school he coached at and I wanted to be a part of it," Tau explained. "I like the staff there and the offensive scheme they run."

Tau had visited CU back in September for the Arizona State game. "I went to CU on my first trip and the coaches told me I was one of their top guys and they really wanted me to commit then. I told them that I really liked it but I owed it to myself to take a couple more trips before making a decision. I mean, the coaches weren't pressuring me but they did tell me they were filling up quick and they wanted me to take one of the last spots. Then one day Coach Cabral called and told me that they were full and they couldn't take me anymore. He said if anything changed he would let me know. A couple weeks ago he called and told me that a spot opened up for me and after thinking about it a while I decided to take it. Colorado is still a top-notch program and I look at this last year like a building year."

The Arizona Wildcat coaches were not happy about Tau changing his mind. The Hawaiian was the only offensive lineman in their entire recruiting class. "They were pretty disappointed when I called to tell them the news. They didn't like it at all."

Tau is good friends with former teammate, and future teammate Michael Sipili and he is also friends with classmate Kealaka'i Maiava. "Mike and I have been playing basketbal and football together for a long time. He is my boy and he said he would have my back no matter what school I decided to go to. So he didn't really try to pressure me. He did tell me that at Colorado they offer a lot of help to their football players as far as classes go. He said it is hard, but they will help you.

"Kai and I have been going to the same football camps for years and usually ended up on the same teams. I look forward to playing with him some more."

The new Buff knows all about his bookend counterpart Ryan Miller and is also looking very forward to stepping onto the field with him. "Ryan Miller is a five star and one mean player. I am going to work with him to see if we can learn anything from each other technique-wise. It will be interesting to see what he has been taught on the mainland and what I have been taught here."

A credit to Tau's abilities is the fact that he missed half the season with a broken fiula in his left leg and was still named first team all-league and state. He does play basketball for Damien Memorial but it is in a minimal capacity. "I only go in the game here-and-there. My coach told me I already have my scholarship to college and I need to take it easy on my leg. It was fully healed as of two weeks ago so I am just taking things lightly right now."

In addition to basketball, Tau is also in his church choir.

Tau is not too concerned with the departure of offensive line coach and assistant head coach, Chris Strausser. "You can't blame the guy if he wants to go back to Boise State for family reasons. Hawk will find someone good to replace him."

He carries a 2.9 core GPA and scored an 840 on the SAT. "The coaches have asked me if I can take it again so I am going to."

Tau would like to major in Criminal Justice and is planning his move to Boulder for mid-July.

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