News And Notes From Tuesday's Practice

The Colorado Buffaloes took a very business like approach to practice Tuesday as they tried to put the CSU loss behind them and look forward to San Diego State. The running backs went through several drills designed to avoid fumbles, but the best move of the day was the one by Chris Brown. The CU RB who fumbled three times against CSU, avoided reporters for the third straight day by sneaking out a side gate on the practice field. More news and notes from Boulder.

Players and coaches Tuesday were ready to put the CSU loss behind them and look forward to Saturday's game with San Diego State. When asked about his team's emotional state of mind right now, head coach Gary Barnett said "It's hard to say, I don't think we will know until Saturday. They were embarressed by one, that they lost and two, by the way they played Saturday. I believe they will come back and play very hard and better and hopefully it's enough to win." Barnett also announced that both LB Sean Tuffs and FS Rodrick Sneed would not play against SDST. Both players were facing one game suspensions for violating team rules and it will be carried out on Saturday.

Colorado Defensive Coordinator Vince Okruch also said that the defensive scheme the Buffs played against the Rams will be their base defense throughout the year. The "nickel package" defense basically puts eight men in the box and makes the offense try and beat you by passing. The pressure is definitely on the CBs, as they are on an island and forced into playing man to man coverage. The package really makes one of the linebackers into more of a safety.

The base defense will have five DBs and two LBs, with Sr. Kori Mussoni playing strong safety. "What I will be playing is more of a strong safety, kind of like a outside linebacker looking for the pass", Mossoni said. "We are forcing them to try and beat us with the pass."

While this will be CU's base defese throughout the season, don't look for it too much Saturday against San Diego State. The Aztecs are known for their passing game and the Buffs will be in their dime package more than their base defense.

Other Notes From Practice: - Marcus Houston was postive about coming back in 2-3 weeks from his knee injury but Barnett was not as opportunistic. The coach said it could be 4-6 weeks. - Sr. LB Aaron Killion practiced at full speed for the first time this season. Killion, who has been sidelined by injuries was not expected to go full speed until the October timeframe. -Chris Brown, Bobby Purify and Brian Calhoun all went through drills designed to hold onto the ball.

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