Lucas Gunning For Starting Role

It's hard to believe that Maurice Lucas will already be a junior when he suits up for the Buffs next fall. Inside, the highest profile recruit from the 2005 class talks about taking on more of a leadership role as he tries to fill the shoes of departed players on the defensive line, his goals for this spring and the winter workouts.

BSN: How did your offseason go?
Maurice Lucas
: It went really well. It was pretty extreme. We got a lot of work done, more than we normally do, so I feel great.

BSN: What was extreme about it? Tell me some of the things you did.
: Man, every day we had an intense workout in the weightroom. And then the running – we never let up. The first couple of days, it was like, ‘This is what you're going to do, this is how you're going to do it. So get used to it.' Every day, it got longer and things got harder. It was just intense.

BSN: You look bigger.
: I feel bigger. I gained like 30 pounds.

BSN: So how much do you weigh right now?
: 260

BSN: What are your goals going for the spring?
: Going into spring, I just want to start with a clean slate. Last year we didn't do so well. This year, I want to get a starting position. The games we should've won last year, this year we're going to win. We're going to blow ‘em out.

BSN: Have you talked to Coach Bandison much about what he expects from you this spring?
: Pretty much just the same thing he expects from everybody. Everybody knowing their assignments, understanding the plays, getting used to rotations, that kind of thing.

BSN: You've got to replace a couple starters in Abraham Wright and Walter Boye-Doe. Have you guys talked about that much?
: Yeah, we talked about that. Looking back, last year we always tried to fit in with the seniors. They were really smart with the plays. They knew exactly what they had to do. That's one thing we've got to catch up on because they were the ones usually telling us what to do. They were the ones who knew what was going on. Now we've got to do that. So those are pretty big shoes to fill.

BSN: How's the new guy, Drew Hudgins, looking?
: Great. Great. We're expecting some big things from him.

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