Q&A with Nate Solder

Nate Solder has put on more than 25 pounds since he arrived in Boulder last summer. The 6-foot-8 tight end isn't done adding the weight either. But there are currently no plans to move the big man to offensive tackle in the future. Find out why inside.

BSN: How's spring going so far?
Nate Solder
: Oh great. We're all doing great.

BSN: I heard you put on some weight during the offseason. How much are you weighing these days?
Nate Solder
: I'm about 267 right now. It's up from 240 when I first got here.

BSN: What accounts for that?
Nate Solder
: Well, I've been eating healthy, but it's mostly the weight program here. Coach Pitman and all his staff do a really great job.

BSN: How big were you last season?
Nate Solder
: I was 260 probably.

BSN: How well are you moving at that weight?
Nate Solder
: Well, they want me at 280. So by next season I'll hopefully be at 280. But I'd like that to be muscle so I can still be moving real well.

BSN: Do you think you might ever move over and play tackle at that weight?
Nate Solder
: They haven't said there's anything in the plans for that. At this point it's just about getting big enough so we can go against Oklahoma's D-ends, guys like that.

BSN: I knew you grew up in a small town, Buena Vista. How do you like Boulder?
Nate Solder
: Boulder's great. I like it a lot. A real open atmosphere, and there's a lot of great people.

BSN: You're a redshirt-freshman; Riar Geer had a lot of success at tight end in his redshirt-freshman year. What was that like to watch?
Nate Solder
: Riar's great. I'd like to measure up to his standards. That's what we're doing right now, just working to get to be the best we can.

BSN: What are your goals for the spring?
Nate Solder
: Basically to work for myself. I'm working to make an impression on the coaches, too, but I'm just trying to make myself better. When fall comes around, we'll be competing for positions. So I'm just working to get myself better right now.

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