Quotes From The San Diego State victory

General Comments From Head Coach Gary Barnett

"Well, like I said that is one good football team. They came in here and played hard. I'm really pleased with the way the defense played...I think we gave up some yards but against this scheme you're going to do that."

"The offense is still sputtering. We're not executing as well as we're going to need to execute down the road. I think it's a matter of time, that's what we're hoping it's going to be" "Our guys played hard. They played well and we had a lot of effort and I hope that that's what gets the attention."

On the Play of J.J. Billingsley:"I just kept hearing his name called out and he just kept making plays. It seems like he was faster than all of the others out there on the field." On Robert Hodge:"We can win with his feet on the outside or up the middle. He really brings a different dimension to the game."

"We went right to Robert and he was ready to go. He wasn't nervous at all. He's been waiting for this opportunity. That's why he came to Colorado."

On the Injury to Craig Ochs:"I think it was on that screen when he ran out of bounds. We only had one more play after that and he said that he wanted to stay in so we kept him in. We went in at halftime and they took a look at him and that's when they took him to the hospital ... We couldn't tell right away. When I saw the hit he took, I could tell it was coming." ,p> On the Running Game:"Our offensive line got caught on a blitz or two that we shouldn't have but that always happens. In the running game we didn't get as much as we would like but we're going to be that kind of team."

On the What They Will Take From the Game:"I think what we use is the win. The win is what we needed, confidence is what we needed. We're going to have to tweak some players. J.J. is going to have to see the field more, Clyde is going to have to see the field more. We're going to have to figure out how to do that. Both of them proved that they can play at this level. Offensively we're just going to have to keep getting better.

It just takes work and timing with Robert."

San Diego State Head Coach Tom Craft:

"They were physical and we were over matches, but our defense did a good job. Their coverage tightened up in the red area, but we were able to stay in the game even though we were overmatched, we were in the ball game all the way until the fourth quarter.

"Where we got exposed was a lack of depth. We do not have enough members so starters played a lot on offense, defense and special teams, and we just ran out of gas. "We thought we had a couple of field goals to keep us in the game, but we didn't make them. Our protection was there, and our kickers will make them (in the future)."

On the Officiating:"I have a hard time with one of the calls (holding on Osgood in the third quarter), but we will have to look at it on film. I know you can't hold a receiver all the way down the field. He (the official) said the ball was not catchable, but we were throwing a diagonal route and any time you through a deep ball it is hard to tell if it is catchable. He held him at the beginning of the route and when he tried to break. For them to say he couldn't catch the ball, we will have to live with that. But it's a Big 12 officiating crew, and they are playing at home." ,p> On the Play of QB Adam Hall:"Their (defensive) line had a sizeable edge. Adam hall took a lot of hits tonight, he played a very courageous game and he kept growing. He is growing and getting better, but that's a good team over there (Colorado). The receivers are growing, tonight Kassim Osgood had a big game, but it will be a different receiver every night."

On Michael Franklin's Fumble that Led to a Touchdown:

"Michael Franklin is young, he's a freshman and he made a mistake, a costly one. But we can live with that and Michael will learn from it. He might have nicked it (the ball), and he thought he did, so he followed it up. It wouldn't have been so bad, but then he fumbled and he will learn from that. ,p> Colorado Buffalo Players,p> TB Chris Brown GENERAL-,p> "We are trying to get back into the flow, but we still have a lot of hard work to do. This was a good game for the team to get back on track and gain confidence." ,p> ON HIS TOUCHDOWN-"You got to come in and score fast against a team like San Diego State. We wanted to finish them off and we did it with the last touchdown." ,p> ON PLAYING WITH ROBERT HODGE-"We work a lot with Hodge all throughout the week so we are very confident with him as our quarterback.,p> "ON THE TWO-BACK ROTATION-"I have no problem rotating we Bobby (Purify), it keeps us fresh throughout the whole game." ,p> DB J.J. Billingsley GENERAL-,p> "It took me awhile to get adjusted to the speed of the game. In the second quarter I figured out they would be an up-pace team, so that was when I finally got adjusted." ,p> ON MORE PLAYING TIME-"I think I got the seniors trust and that was what I was most worried about, but now I feel more confident and am ready for more playing time.",p> ON THE FAN CHEER-"I noticed it the first time they cheered. I liked it but it surprised me a little bit."

WR Derek McCoy ON TOUCHDOWN-,p> "I actually got caught on the play, but they picked up the blitz and Craig got outside and scrambled. I got it and kept going and Jeremy Bloom made a great block for me." ,p> ON FIRST HALF STRUGGLES-"I'm not sure why we struggled. We struggle in the first half of the past two weeks. We are going to have to come out next week and get a lot quicker on offense." ,p> DB Clyde Surrell ON BLITZING-,p> "We blitz a lot because we knew they were a passing team. We had to put a lot to pressure on them to make them get rid of the ball quickly. Osgood and Tolver are very good receivers and we had to respect that.


It was designed to stop the run also. We needed a defense to stop the run and pass so we have four down linemen and the safeties had to step up and make some plays. A couple of times I was in the box and had to play like a linebacker."


It just feels good to finally get out there and get a win, get last week behind us our defense is designed to get out there and have fun and play ball."

OT Joshua Foster

ON OFFENSIVE STRATEGY-"You come in to high altitude and it's hard to catch a breath. We tried to get rid of the ball and wear them down."

CB Donald Strickland

ON FRESHMEN PLAY-"I really have to give my hat off the J. J. Billingsley, he played an excellent game tonight. My role on this team is definitely to provide a lot more leadership. I need to go out and keep (the freshmen) in line. But tonight they really did not need it at all. A lot of the young guys stepped up and played really well, and it was especially great to see J.J. explode the way he did."

QB Robert Hodge GENERAL-

"I got in there and all their guys were flying around their defense was constantly coming at me and they did a good job of bringing a lot of pressure. I just tried to adjust to (the SDSU defense) that's all I can really do. It felt good to get in there and do what I could for the team. I know my role is to be a backup to Craig (Ochs), and I am going to do whatever I can to help out."

San Diego State Players:

WR Kassim Osgood

GENERAL:"Colorado was a good football team. After the first half the coaches told us that the backups have to step up so that we can stop the strong run of Colorado.

"ON THE COLORADO COVERAGE-"Their defense started off double-covering J.R. Tolver because of his performance last week against Fresno State and then when I started catching the ball they started to focus on me and then that opened up the field for J.R. once again.

"ON THE ALTITUDE AND CONDITIONING-"The altitude did not affect us so much. I think the amount of running we do with our no-huddle offense made our conditioning come into play but the altitude didn't really affect us. We came into this game hoping for a win but fell short."

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