Q&A with Edwin Harrison

Edwin Harrison spoke with BSN Monday about the attitude new CU offensive line coach Jeff Grimes is working to instill in the Colorado offensive linemen. Inside, Harrison's interview.

Edwin Harrison is heading into his senior season at Colorado, and he's proven to be one of the more versatile linemen on the team. He's moved back and forth between guard and tackle during his career. Currently, he's practicing at tackle due to CU's low number of o-linemen, but he could end up at guard in the fall.

BSN: How was your break?
: Break was great. I got a chance to go home and take a load off for a while; relax and take it easy.

BSN: You ready to get back at it?
: Oh yeah. I texted Coach Grimes last night and told him I'm ready to finish what we started. I know we had a good break, but I'm ready to get back and finish strong.

BSN: Tell me about the first two weeks of spring ball. What was it like going with just six, sometimes five, linemen?
: Obviously, it's been a bit challenging at times — trying to get in enough individual work without over-working us to the point where we can't do our team reps. Coach Grimes has done a really good job breaking down practice and getting us not as many quantity reps, but more quality reps.

BSN: Tell me about him. What's his style?
: He's actually a really smart guy. He brings a lot of experience, playing college ball and then spending some time in the NFL in various training camps. He's a guy that preaches the attitude of toughness, of being an aggressive offensive line. Being a line that is relentless and tough. Just really a bunch of aggressive guys that are going to go out there and beat the crap out of everybody that we go against. Preaching toughness is really his biggest thing.

BSN: Is he teaching you anything different technique wise from Coach Strausser?
: He's teaching a lot of the same techniques that Strausser was relaying to us as far as good foot work during double-teams and how to work our angles to people. Just knowing calls and being aware of the type of defenses that we're seeing. But Grimes has really harped on us being an aggressive offensive line and the type of attitude that we take each day in practice, and how we'll ultimately be in the games.

BSN: Could that ultimately be a blessing in disguise because there's so few of you, you've got to develop toughness?
: Honestly, it really has been a blessing in disguise. I think that our offensive line has taken strides. I feel up to this point we've done a really good job, and he's done a really good job helping us to reach those (toughness) goals. I think that's we want for ourselves, is to be an aggressive offensive line. And I'm very happy with what we're doing.

We know we need to get better, and he knows that we need to get better too, and I hope that we can take our game to another plateau. That's what we're working to right now.

BSN: How are the younger guys doing — Devin Head and Wes Palazzi?
: They're coming along real well because they're having to play every snap, and they're not able to sit back and learn – they're being thrown in and they have to roll. They're doing a good job. Devin is playing well, Wes is playing well. They're picking up the schemes. I think those guys will be good in the future. And we're going to need those guys in the season ahead.

BSN: Is Erick Faatagi going to be able to practice full contact the rest of the spring?
: I'm not sure on his status. I haven't seen him since the last day we practiced. I know we expect to get Daniel Sanders back in the mix pretty soon. That'll be really good for us, because we need him.

BSN: You've been playing tackle all spring, is there talk at all about you maybe moving inside to guard in the fall once all the freshmen get here?
: Honestly, everything is a possibility right now. I got a little bit of work at guard on Thursday because Devin was feeling a little under the weather. I'm prepared to do it. When Strausser was here I was planning on moving inside to guard because we had all those (tackles, who have since left the program). It's something that would probably have been better suited to me, but I have good enough feet to play outside. That's where they put me and I do a pretty good job out there in protection. Run blocking, I do equally as well. Wherever they move me, I'll be able to take it in stride.

I'm just playing where they need me. I'm the utility man, as they say.

BSN: You're looking pretty lean. How much do you weight right now?
: I'm weighing right at 300 pounds. I've been trying to keep my weight constant because I feel good playing at that weight. Coach Grimes feels comfortable with me at that weight, so I guess I'll roll with that.

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