Q&A with Hugh Charles

He's bigger, stronger (if you can believe it) and working on being better this spring. Inside, a Q&A with Colorado tailback Hugh Charles.

As Hugh Charles trotted off the practice field Thursday about 7:30, head coach Dan Hawkins turned away from the group of reporters gathered around him and hollered, ‘Nice job, Deuce!" Charles had just finished another solid practice. BSN spoke with him following the session:

BSN: How's spring been going for you?
Hugh Charles
: Spring's been good. We are really progressing in a positive way. I think there's only been one day where we took a step back.

I'm real happy with the linemen. Especially since we only have six of them. They really are doing a great job at knowing their assignments, being physical, and doing things right. I can see it on Coach Grimes' face. He's pretty happy with them.

We have five more days to correct things. There's little minor details. But other than that, there's really nothing more that I'm worried about.

BSN: Keenan Stevens, he's been a surprise. A walk-on kid who's kind of taken charge at the center position.
Hugh Charles
: He's all over the film. Whenever I'm watching it and other people are watching it, he's getting pointed out. That's just the heart that he has. He's doing a great job.

BSN: What are you personally working on to better your game?
Hugh Charles
: I'm working on my blocking. That's real important to me. I think that will make me a complete back. Technique and just staying physical. I'm a little bit bigger and I'm a lot stronger this year, and I'm not going to let anything stand in my way.

BSN: How big are you right now?
Hugh Charles
: I'm 192. And my strength numbers shot up.

BSN: Tell me some of them.
Hugh Charles
: My bench is at 420. Squat is at 650. And power clean, 375. That carries over to the football field. I keep that in my mind and say to myself I can compete with all these guys. They may weigh a little more than me, but I'm stronger and I'm not going to let them take me down.

BSN: Every year it seems like your strength numbers go up and we all say, ‘Wow, how does do he do that?' How much stronger can you get?
Hugh Charles
: (laughs) I don't know. Coach Pitman puts on a great workout. It helps a lot.

BSN: Didn't you work out with Tiki Barber's trainer last year?
Hugh Charles
: Yeah, I worked out with Joe Carini, Tiki Barber's strength coach. I'm going to fly back up there in May in South Orange, New Jersey, and work out with him again.

BSN: You guys seem to be doing less full contact this year.
Hugh Charles
: I don't know. We may not be taking each other to the ground as much. But I was saying to some of the guys yesterday: This is the most contact I've had during spring ball. I feel it really is helping. And it's not really hurting anybody. We've had maybe two people go down. I think it's better for all of us. It's just making us better.

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