Buffs Unveil New Look

The Colorado football program unveiled its new look on Saturday afternoon at Folsom Field. As KOA-Radio announcer Mark Johnson quipped during the ceremony, rest assured, "no powder blue" uniforms are on tap this fall. Instead, the CU players will sport an updated, sleeker design by NIKE that incorporates one of the school's colors – silver — into the traditional black, gold and white jerseys.

Here's the rundown of the basic changes in the uniforms.

• The numbers on the front of the jersey are trimmer than in recent years. Numbers on the back are larger than on the front.

• The numbers are now outlined.

• Numbers that were displayed on the shoulder are now on the sleeve.

• The numbers on the white jerseys remain black. The numbers on the black jerseys are now silver.

• The pants have a striped segment down the outside of each thigh in color contrast to the black or gold pants.

• The fabric is new, and provides a trimmer fit and for more breathing. The tighter fit could possibly minimize "grab" points opponents try and use to tackle or handle a player.

• The pants are made of water repellent material designed to hold less moisture.

• The jerseys are lighter in weight.

• The jersey tops are either black or white predominantly. Pants are either gold or black, predominantly. The white pants are out.

Roughly 150 people were on hand at Folsom to witness the new look – many of them part of the NIKE combine football camp being held on campus, which included potential recruits and their parents.

Johnson emceed the event, which included a video display of the past uniform variations. To give contrast, two current players modeled last year's uniforms, then four players came out dressed in the new look.

Though the team has tweaked its look a number of times the past two decades, this marks the first major uniform change since 1985 when CU bagged its blue uniforms in favor of the traditional black and gold.

Here's what senior offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus had to say about the new jerseys.

BSN: What are your thoughts on the new look?
: "I've always been a guy that's loved the simple, traditional Colorado uniforms. So I was a little nervous. But I love ‘em. I think they're great. I love the old ones, too, but these are new and trendy and they're not too drastic of a change."

BSN: Is the material different?
: "The pants are the same. The jerseys are different."

BSN: It's got a little more breathing room? Polumbus: Yeah, exactly. And I can move my arms a lot better (due to less material at the armpit). Before, I was really constricted right here. The pants are water proof. I could pour water on them and it would just run down – they wouldn't get wet."

Head coach Dan Hawkins said, "I love ‘em. That's a sweet look." He said he's partial to black on

Link to Jersey mockups on CUBuffs.com

The CU locker rooms are undergoing renovations this summer. They are currently gutted, but are expected to be ready by the beginning of August camp. …The returning players began summer workouts this past Tuesday. There will be 100 percent participation this summer. Also, a number of 2007 recruits are already in town, including LaGrone Shields, Conrad Obi, Matt Bahr, Chris Perri. Anthony Perkins and Ryan Miller.

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