'No Better Feeling'

Vince Ewing had just finished taking his last final of the year. He was sitting in his schoolroom when his football coach at Carlsbad High in Carlsbad, Calif., Bob McAllister, walked in with an envelope in his hand. Inside was a scholarship offer from the Colorado Buffaloes.

"I was like, ‘No, this can't be serious,'" Vince Ewing told BSN. But it was. He opened up the letter and it read "Full Ride."

On Sunday, Ewing called CU assistant coach Kent Riddle and told him he wanted to be a Buffalo.

"There was probably no better feeling than that," Ewing said.

The offer came as a surprise to Ewing. He had met Riddle when the coach came by his school in the spring evaluation period. But Ewing, who led Carlsbad with 100 tackles from his free safety position last season, didn't have any indication CU was really interested.

Apparently, after Ewing sent CU his highlight tape, it was enough to warrant the offer.

In Ewing, CU gets a player used to playing "quarterback" of his high school defense. He started part time as a sophomore in 2005, earning 63 tackles. He was a full-time starter this past fall. Carlsbad won their conference each year.

These days, he's 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Ewing said he's run a low-4.7 40-yard dash, and can put up 185 pounds 16 times in the bench press, with a max of 250 pounds.

Ewing said he has been recruited by Boise State, Colorado State, Idaho, Nevada, UNLV and some Ivy League Schools. Colorado was the first school to offer Ewing a scholarship.

Asked if he expected more offers to roll in as he plays his senior year at Carlsbad, Ewing said, "I don't know. The Buffaloes are big time. I'm not going to really focus on (other possible offers), I'm just going to focus on being a Buff."

He's trying to plan his official visit to CU for the weekend of Sept. 1, when Colorado plays Colorado State in Denver.

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