CU / UCLA Game Quotes

Read what UCLA coach Bob Toledo and CU head coach Gary Barnett had to say about the game.


Colorado-UCLA Quotes

Sept. 21, 2002

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Colorado head coach Gary Barnett
"Our guys challenged each other. We all just played with great heart. That was a Colorado Buffalo team I'm used to seeing and being around. I think we just decided who we are and who we're going to be rather than waiting for everybody else decide for us."

"It looks like (the offensive line) really just dominated the game. I think our defense played well. UCLA is a really good football team. I'm sure we caught them off after we played last week. It's hard to get your guys up to play a team that showed on film the way that we showed."

"Overall, I just was really pleased with our guys. It looked a lot more like what we're used to looking like.

"We were able to keep the tempo upbeat in the third quarter. I challenged Robert (Hodge) that his grace period was over. We hit on all cylinders this week."

(On whether or not he is relieved to win this game): "I think that's probably an understatement."

UCLA head coach Bob Toledo
"It was a real hard-hitting football game. There were not many mistakes made - only one interception on our part. They (Colorado) did a great job controlling both lines of scrimmage. We made a few plays, but it wasn't enough. You have to give Colorado a lot of credit. They were coming off two losses, and their backs were against the wall. That's college football. They (Colorado) are a very physical team. We tried to stop the run, but then they used play-action passes. Colorado did a good job of stopping us. We couldn't run well or throw deep balls."

"This is a new year, this is a new team. We're going to have a good attitude about it (the loss). We're going to battle back and win more games. Colorado proved you can battle back today. Last week they couldn't get going because they were trying to adjust with a new quarterback. That quarterback learned from his experience last week."

"We were worn down, and they banged on us pretty good."

(On second-half adjustments): "We tried to continue to stop the run, but we didn't do that. On offense, we ran weak-side and tried to throw the ball a little more."

"We are a young football team. The young guys saw how physical it was. It was a good, hard-fought football game."

(On Jon Dubravac's touchdown): "I was pleased to have him throw, especially since he's from Colorado. It's a play we worked on especially for this game."

"We couldn't sustain the runs once we got the football, and then we got behind Colorado, and that was that."

"As a coach, we look at film, and what happened last week wasn't indicative of their (Colorado's) team. Last week they misfired, and this week they were firing on all cylinders."

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