Q&A with Brian Lockridge

Tailback Brian Lockridge impressed teammates with his hard work this summer. The speedy back from southern California spoke with BSN following Monday morning's practice.

BSN: How did it go?
Brian Lockridge
: It was a fun day. There's a lot of learning we have to do, but I'm just excited to be out here and learn it as fast as I can. This is a great team, and this is the place for me.

BSN: When did you actually get to town? You've been here most of the summer, right?
: Yeah, most of the summer. I volunteered to come here to get to know the players. That helped me out tremendously today. I knew what I was doing. I had a few mistakes here and there, but it helped.

BSN: That's what I was going to ask: How important was it for you to get here early?
: Really, really important. Especially — I'm from California, so I had to get used to this altitude. Now coming into camp fresh and ready, all you have to do is play.

BSN: How did summer workouts go for you?
: It was harder than high school, of course. I expected that. You know, last year we (Colorado) didn't do so well, but this team is heading up hill. We're getting better every day.

BSN: What's been the most surprising thing so far?
: I'd say, the commitment. Everybody's commited. And that's a great thing. In high school, you know, you have some kids that are committed and some aren't. You get here and everybody's committed to what they're doing and to helping out the team. There's no selfish players on this team. That's what I like tremendously about this team, it's everybody for the team, not just individuals. I'm lovin' it.

BSN: Do you know yet what you want to study in school?
: I want to do business and communications.

BSN: What about playing time for this year? Do you have goals for that?
: I would like to (play), but it comes down to camp. We'll wait until we get into pads and see. Right now I'm just trying to get to know the plays. If they put me in, which I would like…it's up to the coaches. All I can do is work my hardest.

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