Q&A with Mike Iltis

Offensive lineman Mike Iltis was no stranger to heavy lifting when he showed up in Boulder this summer and took part in the team's weightlifting program. Iltis has been a competitive lifter for a number of years. Inside, a Q&A with the true freshman from Florida.

BSN: How's it going after a couple days?
Mike Iltis
: It feels great. Getting out here and seeing how they do it in college – the next level, it's a lot faster and a lot harder, but I feel good about it.

BSN: You're a competitive weight lifter, right?
: Yes.

BSN: How has that helped you coming in here and getting used to the weight program?
: It's helped a lot because they do a lot of power lifting – cleans, hang cleans, snatch, stuff like that. And I've been doing that since my freshman year in high school. So it's really helped.

BSN: What did you power clean this summer?
: The most I did this summer – we did sets of three, which is different than (maxing with) one rep — I did 311. The most I did in high school was 355.

BSN: If you can do three reps at a certain weight, doesn't that project up several pounds?
: Yeah, it's all percentages. So (311) is around 365.

BSN: What's your bench?
: I did 340 for a set of three. Coming out of high school I did around 375 (one rep max). So it's probably right above there.

BSN: I saw you doing a little snapping. Are you going to get a look at center too?
: Right now I'm a guard and center. The first day they had me at center. It was my first time I've ever done snapping. I felt real good about it. I got some good reps and got used to working in the shotgun a little bit. But today I worked guard. I primarily played right (guard) in high school, and now I'm playing left. It's a little adjustment, but I feel good about both of them.

BSN: Most freshmen offensive linemen come in and ideally they redshirt because they're not physically ready to play. But with your weightlifting background, do you feel ready?
: I feel like if they put me out there a couple plays here and there, I'm going to play my hardest. I'm not going to freeze up, I'm going to hit somebody. And over time, I'm going to get to (a higher) level. When you get out there, you either adjust or you don't, and I'll adjust. I'll learn to get to the level I need to be to play against my opponents.

BSN: You're coming in with a big class of offensive linemen. You guys getting along well?
You Iltis
: I love these guys. It's like a big group of brothers. Especially, the linemen, we're a different breed; they say we're all goofy. We get along great. It's a whole lot of fun.

BSN: How's Coach Grimes treating you?
: He's great. I can relate to the way he coaches, a lot. He has a lot of experience and he's a go getter. He's not here to fool around, but he's here to get things done. He wants us to have fun, but be serious. I like the way he works things.

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