Q&A with Tyson DeVree

Tyson DeVree is heading into his senior season as a Colorado tight end. Inside, DeVree talks about the offense and how he thinks it will be more difficult for teams to defend than last season.

BSN: How's your camp going so far?
Tyson DeVree
: Pretty good. We're two different groups right now, but it seems to be going well. It's definitely a new start. We want to put (last year) behind us. The best way to put a 2-10 season behind us is to go out and play hard and do what we know how to do.

BSN: How was your summer?
: It was good. The team as a whole got a lot stronger. You probably heard all the (strength) numbers. I personally got a lot stronger, and that's carried over in my blocking. That's what I focused on over the summer, being a better all-around player.

BSN: So Coach Riddle wanted you to specifically work on blocking?
: Yeah. I've always kind of had the route running down. And I just need to be that all-around player.

BSN: Last year coaches said, mostly because of the quarterback situation, they had to narrow the playbook down a lot. How much did that affect the tight ends? I'm assuming the playbook is going to open up this year, and will you guys be doing more?
: Yeah, I think we will be doing more. He's said that already that we're going to be putting everything in. We're going to be a dynamic team, as far as what we can do. We're going to have a lot of different personnel in there. We're going to work our best guys in and we're going to be able to come at teams from a lot of different angles. Last year, after the first couple of games, we kind of did narrow (the playbook) down a little bit. But, definitely, we're have more angles this year.

BSN: In this offense, the tight ends do a lot of different stuff, don't you? I mean, it seems like you guys shift around every play.
: I'm a little biased, but I think it's one of the toughest positions to pick up on. You're running routes, you're blocking; there's a lot of different stuff going on in your head.

BSN: Do you read the preseason magazines?
: Nah, I try to stay away from them.

BSN: You're probably smart. But one of them anonymously quoted an opposing quote who said the CU offense is difficult to prepare for because you do so many different things. And that was coming off a 2-10 year when you narrowed the playbook.
: And that's exactly what we were trying to do. We started doing it last season, but it never picked up and flowed. I guess you can expect that in a first year. But now it's the second year and we've come a long ways. We're looking to put this offense together. We were toward the bottom of the nation in offense last year, as far as efficiency. I have a good feeling that's going to be turned around.

BSN: You could feel a difference in the spring, too, I'm sure.
: Definitely. And we worked hard this summer in 7-ons. And in the spring, our offense was just going. Cody (Hawkins) and Nick (Nelson) have both done a great job (as quarterbacks) picking up the offense.

BSN: Do you sense whoever they end up choosing as a starting quarterback, the team will be behind?
: Oh yeah, we'll rally behind whoever it is. They're both good. I wouldn't want to make that decision.

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