Aug. 15 Morning Practice Report

Wide receiver Alvin Barnett is one of five players who missed all or part of the first week of practice to tend to schoolwork, but who are participating now. Inside, Barnett talks about his first day in full pads. Also inside, several notes to come from Wednesday morning's practice.

BSN: First day in full pads. How'd it go for you?
Alvin Barnett
: It felt good. It felt a little heavy, but I'm happy to be back out here. It felt good.

BSN: Are all your academics taken care of now?
: Yes sir. It's been done since Friday.

BSN: So, you're good to go for the season?
: Yes sir.

BSN: What are your expectations? You had to miss the first week, what are you going to do to get in the mix?
: Just work hard. Get mental reps when I'm not in. Pay attention. And when I'm in, go hard and do what I've got to do.

BSN: Has Coach Kiesau indicated to you that even though you missed the first week, you're one of the guys he's looking at to be in the mix?
: He didn't necessarily say that. But like I said, I'm just going to pay attention, and whenever he puts me in, I'll go hard, full speed.

• No word on grades of players as of Wednesday at noon. There is concern in particular about linebacker Marcus Burton, who could miss the season due to academics if he doesn't have a strong grade in a class he finished on Friday. Dan Hawkins said Wednesday after the morning practice they've been checking to see when grades are posted, but none were for that class yet.

• After a day off — and a fun trip to a paintball recreation center east of Boulder — the team seemed to have more of a sense of urgency than on Monday. A lot of it seemed to be coming from the coaches, who were putting on the heat during the morning practice.

"I definitely told them before practice, ‘Guys, let's get it going,'" Hawkins said. "Now, that being said, I thought they did a pretty decent job getting back and getting going. But I definitely wanted to ride herd a little bit and make sure that we got after them in this practice."

• Redshirt-freshman TE Nate Solder appears to have taken advantage of Tyson DeVree spending a handful of days on sand duty last week. "Anytime you get more reps, it's going to help you," Hawkins said. "And for him I think that's a lot of it. It's just a confidence factor."

Hawkins said Solder has always been impressive in practice (including last year) when he knew exactly what to do. With more reps, his confidence has grown. The 6-9, 265-pounder, whose body fat is 2.9 percent, according to Hawkins, will factor in this season.

• Coaches liked how the players who had been out — Bernard Jackson, Alvin Barnett, Erick Faatagi, Keenan Stevens and Wes Palazzi — looked in Wednesday morning's practice. Jackson and Barnett were in full pads, the three o-linemen were in shells. All five missed most or all of last week tending to academics.

Jackson worked at tailback and receiver. He had a nice grab of a pass as he tip-toed to stay in bounds at the sideline.

• Notable running with the ones Wednesday morning were: OFFENSE: Ryan Miller and Devin Head were at guard. (Kai Maiava was working with second unit at center). Cody Hawkins at quarterback. Lionel Harris at safety and Ben Burney at cornerback.

• Several coaches, including the head man, seemed to have misplaced their razors. As the days wear on, the beards are starting to form. It's probably a sign of burning the candle at both ends as they prepare for the season, but Hawkins said, "I just love being scruffy during camp."

• Two walk-on players — PK Jim Parra and OL Travis Duffy — have quit the team.

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