Head Not Taking Spot For Granted

Third-year sophomore Devin Head is atop the depth chart at right guard as of Sunday. Inside, Head — the 6-4, 295-pound offensive lineman — talks about how he's not going to take that for granted, and about an attitude adjustment he made in recent months that's helped him in the competition for playing time.

BSN: Congratulations on getting the starting nod.
Devin Head
: Yeah, you know, nothing's really official yet. We're still in the middle of camp and it's just a starting point. So really, I can't relax at all or anything. There's still some younger guys and older guys that are really pushing. You can't ever really let up or somebody will jump in and take that spot.

BSN: Is that what Coach Grimes has stressed — this is a depth chart, but it ain't over?
: Yeah, that's exactly what Coach Grimes is saying. It's a starting point. You never know week to week, even midway through the season, who's going to be starting. If somebody starts outperforming somebody else, they're going to jump right in there. It's good news, but there's no time to relax. You've got to keep grinding, keep pushing.

BSN: Did he give you any indication about what you've been doing right to be there at this point?
: Really, Grimes is talking to us as a whole. Personally, I think my attitude is a lot different this fall. I've been trying to be just aggressive as possible. And trying to be more positive and be more up. Not give in to the grind of camp; just try and come here in a good mood and keep everybody else around me up. I think that's one thing that's helping me out, personally.

BSN: Where did that attitude adjustment come from?
: You know, a lot of it I think — when I was a freshman, and even when I was a redshirt freshman, I just kind of got into the whole rut of, ‘Oh, I'm not playing, yadda, yadda, yadda.' I got into that lazy mode. After this spring, our whole team's kind of had an attitude adjustment, an attitude change. We were just working our butts off this summer. It kind of clicked.

BSN: You've played some guard, you've played some tackle since you've been here. Where do you feel more comfortable?
: Right now I do feel more comfortable at guard. That's my preferred position. I still practice at tackle occasionally — you've got to keep up on it just in case. But right now guard is definitely my preferred spot.

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