Teammates Talking Smack

Colorado hosts Florida State in Boulder on Sept. 15. The game will receive national exposure when it's broadcast on ESPN, beginning at 8 p.m. mountain time. Don't blame Buffs Justin Drescher and Kevin Moyd, though, if another football game is swimming in the back of their minds that evening.

USA Today ranks Southlake Carroll No. 1 and Miami Northwestern No. 2 in their initial Top 25 high school football poll. The two powerhouses — both coming off undefeated seasons and state titles in 2006 — will face each other in Dallas on Sept. 15. It will be broadcast on ESPNU.

Drescher played at Southlake, Moyd at Northwestern, before coming to Colorado.

As evidenced from the conversation repeated below, the teammates have already let each other know their alma mater is going to win the high school matchup.

BSN: You guys play Florida State on Sept. 15th. What's the second-most important game in football that weekend?
Kevin Moyd
: Miami Northwestern and ‘Somebody' Carroll.

BSN: What do you think is going to happen?
: I'll say 21-7 Northwestern. I ain't going to say (Southlake) won't score. I'll give them a benefit of the doubt. I'll say 21-7.

Justin Drescher: I don't know if (Northwestern) can compete with us. You know, you hear about their speed and stuff, but we have the smarts.

Moyd: In high school, outsmarting doesn't usually work too well. The best athletes win.

Drescher: I'll say it's going to be a great game. You have two great schools going at it. In high school, it's hard to tell. Something's always going to happen. I think it'll be a good game, but I'll be rooting for Southlake and I think they're going to win.

BSN: Tell me about Southlake — what are their strengths?
: For sure, this year, their offense is a strength. They've got two D I prospects in the backfield at quarterback (Riley Dodge) and running back (Tre Newton). And their receivers and o-line are great too. I've heard from back home that they're rebuilding on defense, but they'll be good. Every year they prepare well and they're fine.

BSN: Same thing, tell me about Northwestern.
: I don't know too much about the defense. But I know the offense has two highly recruited receivers (Tommy Streeter and Aldarius Johnson). And they've got some scatback type running backs who are real quick. They'll do some good things.

The defense, from last year, I believe a lot of them came back. They won state last year. A lot of them return, so I'm pretty sure they're going to gel together and come back this year ready to roll.

BSN: Both teams have new head coaches. What's that going to mean to the programs?
: It's going to be great. He (Billy Rolle) was the coach before the last coach came. He did some great things when he was there (before). He had an undefeated team that was real good. I think four or five of those players from that team are in the NFL right now — (WR) Antonio Bryant, (OL) Vernon Carey, (CB) Torrie Cox and one more player.

BSN: What about the new coach at Southlake?
: He (Hal Wasson) was there (as an assistant coach) when I was a freshman, so he definitely knows about Southlake. He'll be fine. He coaches just like the old coach. There'll be a learning curve, but not too much. His son was the first quarterback to lead us to state when we started getting good.

BSN: It feels like you guys have been talking this up already.
: We've been talking it up.

Drescher: We have lockers right next to each other, so we get a little smack in there. We know what's going on. We talk some to each other about it.

Moyd: It's all fun and games, though.

BSN: Is the game going to be on TV?
: I think it's going to be on TV, but we won't have a chance to see it.

: It's the same time as our game. I told him we could probably sneak it on the TV at halftime. I'll let him know that (Northwestern) is losing.

• NOTE: Miami Northwestern senior receiver Tommy Streeter is the son of former CU Buffalo Tommy Streeter. Streeter (Sr.) works in Miami as a youth sports coach, and was Moyd's track coach in the past.

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