Q&A with Scotty McKnight

One of the Buffaloes making his game debut in the CU-CSU contest on Sept. 1 will be wide receiver Scotty McKnight. The redshirt freshman could even be in the starting lineup in the game. Inside, McKnight talks about coming back from a broken ankle, staying positive during the process, and the toughest defensive back to face in practice day in and day out.

BSN: Tell me again when you broke your ankle. Scott McKnight: It was the first week of spring practice. It was during a drill. It just kind of got twisted up and I broke it. BSN: Were you injured last August, too? McKnight: A little bit. It wasn't so much that I was injured. I have a lower back thing, and my legs just started to give out. I wasn't up to speed that way. BSN: What did that do...

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