Hawkins Pleased With 2007 Camp

On Saturday, as the game week approaches and the end of fall camp nears, head coach Dan Hawkins sounded pleased about what the team had accomplished the past three weeks.

• Sunday officially begins game week and the close of camp. Asked his general feelings about how it's gone, Dan Hawkins had this to say: "I think it's been pretty good. I think we've worked hard, the tempo's been great. There's been really no wasted practices. There were a couple where we a little bit sluggish, but I think they've answered the bell almost every time. And the things we've emphasized are happening."

He pointed to Saturday morning's practice as a sign of maturity. The team worked without pads, but put in a good, uptempo practice, which allowed them to accomplish a lot without wearing their bodies down further.

"That's a huge deal because you can really stay fresh and stay healthy and get good work in," Hawkins said.

• The custom was much more commonplace back in the day. But asked if Hawkins would like to take the team to an off-campus site for a fall camp some time, he was enthusiastic in his response: "You can send the word out, if somebody's got a place out there somewhere in Colorado with a couple of practice fields, I think it'd be a blast.

"I'm into the whole team-building, and you could do a lot of awesome things."

Hawkins said the NCAA allows for off-site camps, and said Arizona State did that. The downside, of course, is logistical — toting all the gear to another locale, figuring out housing and food. And it would cost the program some dough.

"But I'm sure there's somebody out there who's interested in Colorado football where if that's what we really wanted to do, they'd be willing to help us out," Hawkins said.

• After taking Monday off (it's the first day of classes at CU) the team will be in pads on Tuesday. They may be in pads Wednesday, then will be without pads in Thursday's practice.

• Still no final decision on which player — Tyler Cope or Kevin Eberhart — will kick off. Cope has been getting more distant on his kicks, but Eberhart gets better hang time. Keep in mind, the ball will kick from the 30 yard line this year. Hawkins said they may let Eberhart kickoff in the Colorado State game so he can get his feet wet again after not playing in a game since 2003.

Special teams coach Kent Riddle learned about Cope, from Portland, from talking to kicking gurus around the country. Cope and his father toured several schools over the summer and took the invitation from Colorado to walk on.

• Hawkins and Colorado State head coach Sonny Lubick shared the microphone at the annual kickoff luncheon in Denver Friday afternoon. Hawkins and his wife, Misti, have been friends with Lubick and his wife, Carol Jo, after meeting a few years back at a NIKE function. Hawkins gave Lubick higher marks for his humor at the luncheon.

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