Q&A with Patrick Williams

After an impressive camp, big things are expected from junior wide receiver Patrick Williams. Inside, PW talks about the offense, his confidence level and how he's approaching Saturday's game with Colorado State.

BSN: Do you feel any different this camp than a year ago?
Patrick Williams
: I do.

BSN: Tell me how.
: I just feel more confident in myself and the offense. I feel that our coaches have given us every tool that we need to go out and let our ability be shown on Saturday.

BSN: Where does your confidence come from?
: Basically, just the work we've put in. Staying after, doing extra, catching extra balls. I just feel more comfortable going after the ball. I think, when I line up, ‘OK, this catch is mine.' I know (the defender) is going to do this, and I'm going to do that to beat him, then just look the ball in.

BSN: How different is the offense from a year ago this time?
: Early in camp we put our whole playbook in, and then during Game Week we kind of shorten it to things we're going to do against this certain team.

We have a whole year under out belt. We know what we're doing. We're know where the ball is going pretty much before the snap.

BSN: You played quarterback in high school. When did you start feeling like you were a receiver?
: I'd probably say my junior year when I went down to the NIKE camp. I had been practicing throwing the ball. I had a choice to either go with the receivers or with the quarterbacks.

I thought I was feeling pretty good about my arm. But I got to the camp and I saw, like, Bobby Reid (Oklahoma State) and some of the other good quarterbacks from around the nation, and I thought, ‘Maybe I'll go with the receivers.'

BSN: Do you prefer playing this CU-CSU game at Invesco or at Folsom?
: You can't beat a game at home. Our fans are great. This stadium, I love it.

But that's a hard question to ask. Going down to the big stadium, there's going to be a lot more people.

It really doesn't make much difference. I'd love to play it here, but I'm just as thrilled to play it at Invesco.

BSN: Like you said, there will be a lot of people there. What do you tell the young receivers that have never been on that big of a stage before about how to deal with nerves?
: A coach (Ted Gilmore) came down when we were taking pictures one day when I was a freshman. He pulled me aside and said, ‘Look at these lines. You can get wrapped up in all this crowd, but this is where you need to play — between these four lines right here.

All this other stuff, it don't mean nothing. These other guys on the field with you, they sweat with you, they bled with you, they cried with you. They've been through it all for you. You need to play for them and let all these other people just watch.

Play between the lines. Do what you know how to do and be confident.

It's hard to block (the crowd) out. But make sure you know your assignment and don't second-guess yourself.

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