Gary Barnett Press Conference Quotes

Conference play in the Big 12 begins for the Buffs Saturday and the head coach knows it will not be an easy task taking on Kansas State.

BOULDER- - University of Colorado head coach Gary Barnett held his weekly media luncheon Tuesday afternoon. The following are excerpts from the press conference along with notes from the Buffs' evening practice session.

On the UCLA Game:

GENERAL-"It was really an outstanding performance by our offensive line, in particular. Obviously Chris Brown ran really well. He and Bobby (Purify) did a great job for us. I thought it was a complete victory for us. I was really impressed with the relentlessness and energy we displayed. I was impressed with the way our guys bounced back and with the attitude we had during the practice week. (The win) gave us great momentum going into the Big 12 season. It was a good way to set the tone for conference (play)."

On the Kansas State Game:

GENERAL-"We are playing against a really, really good football team. They are a team blessed with a lot of speed. This is going to be a game between two teams who have a lot to play for. We are playing in a really timely game this weekend. This game is about the first game in the Big 12. It's about conference play and winning the North (division). Everybody knows it's going to be a fight when you play K-State. We are going to have to give out a couple aspirins after this one."


"K-State is more explosive on film than we are. This team is really speed oriented, especially on offense. They are a throw-it-down-the-field passing team with so much speed at wide receiver. Their running game is outstanding with (Darren) Sproles and (Ell) Roberson. (Sproles) is just really fast. I don't recall seeing anybody as fast as this guy. He is just really nifty and has great moves. Roberson is much more explosive (in K-State's run game) than we are with our quarterback. He was very impressive in the S.C game. He was the difference in that game."


"We must defend their option. But fortunately, our defense (a 4-2-5 scheme) is pretty option responsible. It is not a big change for us to play the option now, like it would have been a year ago (in CU's former 4-3 scheme). But, certainly that presents a challenge for us."


"Their return game is really good. Their punt return is really good. We've have put a lot of work into stopping that this week. (Terence) Newman has scored in just about every way possible, except running a field goal out of the endzone. That kid has a lot of talent. He is very dangerous when he touches the ball."

On CU's Team Chemistry: GENERAL-

"I like how we have not let anything get to us. We didn't let the USC loss become an internal issue. We didn't let the Craig Ochs issue become internal at all. I think we have kept pretty good focus and shown resilience."


"I think (we need) a game like Kansas State (to get it back). Last year we didn't know we could do it until we beat Kansas State. We really wanted to win the Big 12 and show we were capable, but we were just really uptight and unsure until we won there. I don't know if we have that (chemistry) back yet. I do like what I see with leadership, though, especially on defense with Tyler Brayton. The two offensive linemen (captains Wayne Lucier and Justin Bates) have been good for us, too. This will be a big test for them."

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