Q&A with Wes Palazzi

Wes Palazzi played in his first collegiate game last Saturday vs. Colorado State. The redshirt freshman played every offensive snap (60) at guard. He had four knockdown blocks and allowed one quarterback pressure. Inside, Palazzi looks backward and forward toward Arizona State.

BSN: You missed the first part of camp. Was it school stuff you were getting finished with?
Wes Palazzi
: Yeah. I was having some grade trouble. So I took a few more classes than normal over the summer to try and get my GPA up and become eligible.

BSN: You came on then during the middle and end of camp because you played the whole game the other day.
: I missed a couple of days in camp which I'm upset about because I didn't take care of business in the summer and the past two semesters. But I got my grades up, and I'm not going to dig myself in a hole anymore, that's for sure.

BSN: How important was your spring toward getting yourself ready to be in the starting lineup this fall?
: It was really important. I got to work with the other guys and build a lot of chemistry with the other guys to feel comfortable communicating. Coach Grimes did a great job getting us all acclimated to the system — the plays and the protections.

BSN: You've got two guys who haven't played a lot if at all in the starting lineup at offensive line. And then Daniel Sanders is playing center after playing guard last year. You played pretty well Saturday for all the new faces. How did you feel like you played in the first game?
: We played all right. We hold ourselves to high standards. We can say we played all right, but we're going to come out next week and we're going to do a better job. We're going to work really hard in practice this week. We're going to come out tougher and finish blocks. We're going to have a big improvement from last week.

BSN: Now that you've looked at film, what are the things you want to improve?
: We can finish blocks better. We can come off the ball better. If we focus on those things, and try to get the defense on the other team to quit – that's what our goal is. And to be the toughest offensive line around. That's what we're going to strive for.

BSN: What do you see from Arizona State's front four that's a challenge?
: To me, it's more like our defense. It looks like they want to read before they come. Colorado State just shot up the line. But Arizona State is probably more of a read defense.

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