Jones Talks Seminoles Matchup

Junior outside linebacker spoke with members of the media Tuesday afternoon during the team's annual midweek press conference. Inside, Jones talks about the challenges facing the CU defense in the Buffs' upcoming game with Florida State.

Q: Do you guys look forward to playing your kind of schedule?
Brad Jones
: I wouldn't have it any other way. I came to this school because we consistently play one of the hardest schedules in the nation. I like playing the top echelon teams. You get to really showcase your skills.

Q: Is that a recruiting tool?
: Definitely. I know when they came to my school, I always looked, every school that recruited me, I wanted to know if you're playing, like, Appalachian State (laughter). Well, Appalachian State…But I wanted to know if they were playing the great teams out there. I don't want to just go against any team you're going to run over, I want to go against the best guys.

Q: On Florida State
: They have a lot of skill guys. They're definitely a fast team. If you give them an opportunity, they're going to take it. Any mistakes you make, they're going to capitalize.

Q: If there's a weakness on Florida State's offense, where would it be?
: I think they're pretty good, all around.

Q: What can you learn from watching their Clemson and UAB games?
: UAB and Clemson were kind of different games for Florida State. Florida State threw a lot more personnel groups and formations at Clemson. I think it's good to watch both games because you can see the diversity of what they're doing.

Q: As a defense, what do you guys want to do better?
: (Correct) mental mistakes. Just little mental breakdowns – I think we need to sow all those up. I mean, we're a solid defense, and we know that. It's just the little mistakes that cause explosion plays for 35 or 40 yards that just kill what you're doing on defense.

Q: Compare this year to last year — are you guys more confident when you take the field?
: As a defense, we know we can play with anybody. We know the defense and we know we can play with anybody. There's no doubt in our minds.

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