Quick Hitter: Jordon Dizon

Senior linebacker Jordon Dizon spoke with reporters following Wednesday's practice. Inside, quotes from the team's leading tackler.

Q: How do you feel going into this week's game?
Jordon Dizon
: Good. Confident. We know we're a good team, but we know we're going to get their best shot. We know we've got to step it up.

Q: Is the defense ready to go in and play this game?
: Oh yeah. We've been working hard these past two days during practices, just to get extra reps in. But, you know, we appreciate it. There's no grumbling.

Q: How about it being your first home game?
: It's awesome. We've got great fans. A great student body and a great core of fans that come in and support us every Saturday. A lot of guys are excited. Anytime you have a home game, it's exciting.

Q: What was the reason for going harder these last two days?
: You know, it's not necessarily going harder, or going hard. We went as hard as we normally would, we just got a little more reps and a little more hitting. We know Florida State's a big and fast team, and we know they can hit, so we're trying to get ready for the contact they're going to give us. But it's mostly getting more reps so we understand their offense and defense more.

Q: How has the team, especially the younger guys, responded since the ASU loss?
: We've got astrong core of guys. A lot of guys who have been here for a long time, a lot of guys who have been in big games. So it really wasn't that bad. We are a young team, but the older guys are carrying them on. Coach Hawk's done a good job of telling us, ‘Hey, you know, things happen during the season.' He used the example of 2001, we lost to Fresno State but still won the Big 12 championship.

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