Eye On The Seminoles

NoleDigest.com publisher McKinley Rolle talks Florida State as the Buffs prepare to host the Seminoles, and the nation's most winningest coach, Bobby Bowden, on Saturday at Folsom Field.

BSN: Tell me about the Florida State offense. Are the players still trying to get used to what the new offensive coordinator (Jimbo Fisher) is trying to do?
McKinley Rolle
: Yes. They're getting a lot more comfortable. They started out against Clemson extremely slow. The second half, in both games, against Clemson and UAB, they played a lot better. Last week they had over 500 yards in offense.

You can see they're setting up plays for later in the game. It looks like it has a rhyme and a reason compared to last year. They would run plays for no reason.

BSN: That's what I was going to ask: How is the offense different from the last few years?
: It's night and day. You can see the guys have more confidence in the coaching staff. They trust them.

Against Clemson, they got down a little bit. Last year's team would've packed it in. But this year's team, they fought back. They lost the game, but they made it respectable. I'd just say the attitude of the whole team, especially the offense, they all believe in what they're doing. Coach Fisher, they all believe in him and they play hard for him.

BSN: How has the defense looked?
: Not like the normal Florida State defenses. When you think of Florida State defense, they have so many first rounders in the NFL. A lot of people are saying this is the worst defense they've seen (at FSU) in the last 20 years. I don't think it's that extreme. But they've been getting a lot of penalties called on them, and a lot of guys, they weren't tackling well.

I think it was a lack of practice time. They had lightning (prior to the Clemson game) where they had to move indoors. Plus, this past week they had a short week. They played Clemson on Monday and UAB on Saturday.

But I think the problems are correctable. It's not a lack of talent. They have good talent.

BSN: The big buzz word out here this week coming from the coaches and players is Florida State is fast.
: Yeah, they can run. They can run with any team in the country. They can go. Everybody.

BSN: What in general is Florida State fans' knowledge or impressions of Colorado?
: I would say, from the fan base, there's excitement because this is a different opponent that they're not used to. It's always the Floridas, the Clemsons, the Marylands. Someone on the East Coast. So they always get excited anytime that they play away from the eastern seaboard.

I would say Florida State fans respect Colorado. They think Colorado is a wonderful place. They respect Coach Hawkins and what he did at Boise State. But it's more excitement.

Even the players, those guys are ready to go out there and play on national TV.

BSN: I'll bet you not very many of the players on the Florida State team have ever even been to Colorado.
: Oh yeah. I would venture to say probably only one or two. A lot of the guys have never even left the state of Florida. They're going to enjoy that.

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