Perri Anxious To Contribute

Chris Perri's career at Colorado got off to an inauspicious start when he got himself into off-field trouble twice before his first practice in a CU uniform. Perri, a defensive lineman who transferred to CU from Laney College, served a three-game suspension. He says he's learned how precious a college scholarship is from the experience this summer. He's looking forward to playing Saturday.

Chris Perri was cited in June for fighting with teammate Taj Kaynor at Kaynor's home. Kaynor served a one-game suspension this season for his part in the altercation.

Later in the summer, Perri was involved in a fight in town, which led to the arrest of teammate Michael Sipili. Sipili was charged with a misdemeanor, and, like Perri, served a three-game suspension. Both players' suspensions are over, and both are expected to play on Saturday vs. Miami-Ohio.

Perri will figure into the defensive line, a unit that's already been playing fairly well.

Dan Hawkins said Tuesday Perri has "a big-time motor. He can come off the ball. We're doing a great job in there already — George (Hypolite) and Brandon (Nicolas) have been great — but he'll bring more of that."

BSN spoke with Perri Tuesday afternoon.

BSN: It sounds like you're going to be playing some this weekend.
: Yeah, I'm just excited to get back out there.

BSN: Tell me about how you've been able to get the work you need in practice so far. Do you feel prepared?
: Oh yeah, I feel very prepared. I think I got an opportunity to get better over the last three weeks because I've been going up against the ones (first team) every day on the scout team. Going up against those guys is a lot better than going up against the scout O.

So the last three weeks I've been getting some good work, getting to work on some things I normally wouldn't to work on.

BSN: Are they going to use you on the outside or inside?
: Coach Bandison said they're going to use me at both. When we go in a three-man front, he's probably going to use me in the "three technique." That's the d-tackle technique. In running situations, he said he'll probably use me at d-end. It's all kind of spur of the moment type stuff. I'm not exactly sure, I've just got to prepare to do both.

BSN: You don't really care where you play.
: No, I feel comfortable at both. You get a little bit more freedom playing three technique because you don't have to keep outside contain. Sometimes when you're at end, if you go inside and lose contain, it's all on you. D-tackle, you can go both ways.

BSN: What do you think you can bring to the game?
: I definitely think I can put some pressure on the quarterback. I think I can stop the run. I bring a lot to the d-line. My big thing is just knowing all my responsibilities and knowing every play, not freelancing.

In junior college, you don't have much discipline. It's just, ‘Go make plays." Out here, if I miss a gap, it could be a touchdown and it's on me.

So I've just got to really stay disciplined. That's my big thing, just staying disciplined. The other stuff, that's the easy part. It's just playing football.

BSN: You got here and you got into some trouble. Learn any life lessons from that?
: Yeah, you know, the big thing I learned is just how fast everything could be gone. It could've been gone that quick. I really appreciate Coach Hawk keeping me around. I'm working as hard as I can to prove to him he made the right decision. Hopefully, I can show everybody else on Saturday I'm happy to be here and proud to be a Buff.

Stuff happens. It's stuff I've got to put behind me and get better from it.

BSN: What about having to watch from the sidelines on game days?
: That was pretty hard. I hated it. I was riding the bike most of the time. It was nice to be part of the team and be on the sidelines, but I thought I could be out there helping.

Watching the first three games wasn't what I planned on when I came down here, but I put myself in that situation. So, no one else to blame but me.

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