Buffs Sound Off On Victory

Inside, quotes from Colorado coaches and players following the Buffs' decisive 42-0 win over Miami (Ohio) Saturday at Folsom Field.

Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins
In General
"I totally believed we were going to win. We had a few issues and stubbed our toe. I expected to win."

On The Improvement Of The Running Game
"We did some nice things again, we'll have to look at the tape but I think there are some yards that were left on the table today. We were not as clean as we wanted to be in the first half, obviously Brian (Lockridge)'s long run coming back, so there's definitely room for improvement there."

On The Direction Of The Team
"If you end up with a loss it's certainly not good. I think our guys really found out last week that we're there. [They are] really getting tired of the ‘new coach, new system, new players, freshman' and all of that, that now we're a football team and ready to go. So let's go."

On Defensive Play
"I've really been pleased with our defense, they've been playing great. Other than the one drive at the end of the 2nd quarter against ASU, they've been playing great. They've been making the stops, but we'd love to get a few turnovers in the mix, but they've been playing great. For our guys to come out and do really what they're supposed to do was a good step for our guys. It's something for our guys to build on, and continue to try to play cleaner football because we'll need to against Oklahoma."

On Holding Miami (OH) Scoreless
"Anytime you make them finish with a zero on the board I think it makes your defense feel complete. That's something we talked about this week, with the kicking team, the running game, the throwing game and the defense, we want to be that complete team."

Running Game Entering Big 12 Conference Play
"You can't be 219th in the country going into this conference. You got to be able to move the football on the ground. We've go to take care of business today and take care of business tomorrow, and then push on for Oklahoma."

Colorado Defensive Coordinator Ron Collins
"Miami is traditionally a good football team and we did not take these guys lightly at all. Overall on defense, everybody got involved and I think that our defense really played the full game today."

"I think that we improved today, and I think that we are improving each week. I did not think that we got enough turnovers, but we got a lot of three-and-outs today. We are getting teams in third-and-long situations, and that is a step in the right direction. Anytime you get a shutout, it's a big deal.

"I think that the defense played for Mike today, and we rallied around that fact that he could not play with us today. But, at the same time, our guys went out, business as usual, and did their jobs and came out with a solid day on defense."

Colorado Players
QB Cody Hawkins
"Getting the win and doing what we came here to do was what really felt good. We came in prepared and just went out and did what we needed to do. We knew coming in, it was going to be a crazy game, we new the crowd was going to be a factor and we had to make some changes. We changed up the snap count and just did a couple other things differently. It was a dogfight all day and in the end we came out with a win."

"I think it is really good for guys because we ran the ball well today and got some confidence. We know that we can do so many things with ball and we have a good defense behind us, and people saw that today. It definitely gives us a lot of momentum and starting right now we have to start thinking about Oklahoma, but the Redhawks were a god team, but we have to keep moving forward."

"We definitely know that we have guys that can play with anybody if we have the right mentality and do the right thing on every play. We still don't have it down to perfection, and if you want to beat a team like Oklahoma you have to minimize your mistakes."

"We always knew that we could run the ball. Brian and Hugh are fast guys, and Demetrius is a back with great vision. Also, our offensive line is a buch of dirt dogs, and we practice the running game every day in practice, and unfortunately in the last two weeks we did not show that side of the offense. Today we also should have run the ball a little better, we had some plays called back because of penalties, but putting up 300 yards today was definitely a good sign."

"I think it helps the offense, in all phases. When you have the run working it sets up the pass and when the pass is working it sets up the run. The offensive line really got at it in practice this week and it showed, they practiced and played with a chip on their shoulder. Our running inside was really working well today and that is a direct reflection of our offensive line."

"We know all of our young guys can play, that's why they are on the team. It is kind of a bummer that they re-spotted the ball on (OL) Ryan Miller's first play; it would have been cool if (TB) Brian Lockridge could have scored his first touchdown on Ryan Miller's first play; it would have been special for both of them."

"(WR) Josh (Smith) and Kendrick (Celestine) are guys who can simply go out and make plays for us. Today they were a little more relaxed then they had been and I think you could see that with all the plays they made. (WR) Scotty (McKnight), I love Scotty, and when you have a receiver like him it's hard not to get him the ball."

"Lockridge would have had 200 yards today if they wouldn't have thrown a few flags out there. He and (TB) Hugh (Charles) are explosive; its great having those two out there. We are lucky to have to guys like that on our team, they are a threat to take it to the house every time they touch the ball. (TB) Demetrius (Sumler) is a good compliment to them in a running back tandem with his physicality and (TB) Byron (Ellis) helps us out too; he's great in pass protection."

"It gives us some momentum going into our game against Oklahoma, but when you come to Colorado you expect to win every game. We expect to score on every play if we execute it right, we just have to go out and play every play hard and when the clock hits all zeros you look up at the scoreboard and hopefully you'll be leaving the field victorious."

RB Hugh Charles
"I definitely had a solid game. Any 100 yard day is fantastic. I think I played really well today and the running game should have some confidence going into next week. Overall, I felt really good today."

"All week, we have heard about execution and playing smart for the full game. We got that message in our heads. Today we showed that we can play better than what we have done in the past. We ran the ball well today and I think that we can build of our performance today."

"I think that if we can take this feeling and energy into next week against Oklahoma, we can play with them and show the country what we can do on the ground. But, they are a great team. Their ranking speaks for itself. They run the ball well, throw the ball well, and their defense is fast. I know what I am going into because I played them last year. I think if the offense is physical and we get after Oklahoma, we might surprise some people."

"I think today's running success should be attributed to our coaches, they really made us work hard all week. The coaches called great plays today and had confidence in us. We were able to get a rhythm going and you got to see what can happen when we get in rhythm.

"Our running back committee is a great combination; we all support each other and it helps keep us fresh when we are sharing the ball. When you're number gets called it's your time to shine and you have to make the most of your opportunities. I root for all of them when they are out there."

DL Christopher Perri
"The message from the coaches before the game was to play the game for Michael. He was so excited to play before Friday's practice and then suddenly he is out for the season. It really hit hard for me. Everybody on defense rallied today and played for him."

"I definitely think that is what is going to happen. Even today, coming out of the tunnel, I could feel the difference between our previous games and today. We were excited to play."

"I think that if we play our game, we can beat the Sooners."

DT George Hypolite
"As a defense it is always a good thing to post a shut out. I think that in this game it was more important because on defense we have a lot of young guys who have not even played, and when they went in the game they kept the shutout in tact." ON DEFENSIVE EFFORT
"All throughout the preseason we have been talking about putting together four quarters. Against CSU, we felt like we played a good third and fourth quarter, and against Arizona State we played a good first two quarters. Last week played a great game except for a few plays. We have been talking about doing our job for four quarters, and we felt like we did that today. Keeping a zero on the board, it is as simple as that. We came into the game wanting to stop the run, and we did that. When they threw the ball, our guys played good coverage, and as a defense that is a great, sound day."

"They become a part of plan now. We played a great game against Miami, but as a team you have move on and start thinking about Oklahoma. In football you are only as good as your last victory, and we want to keep that going as long as we can."

FS Ryan Walters
"We played well all game for all four quarters. I only had like one-and-a-half tackles today, and it's great as a safety when you only have one or two tackles because it means that the guys in front of you are doing their job and playing great. I can't say enough about how well the defensive line and linebackers played today."

"Me and (S) D.J. (Dykes) took care of the back half today; we had the deep half of the field and with corners like T-Wheat (CB Terrence Wheatley) and (CB) Ben (Burney); you know you don't have to worry about their responsibilities. Today they played great on the underneath stuff."

"(DT)George (Hypolite) and (NT) Brandon (Nicolas) took care of the middle today and (DE) Mo (Maurice Lucas) and (DE) Alonzo (Barrett) took care of the ends. (ILB) Jordon (Dizon), (OLB) Brad (Jones) and (ILB) Jeff (Smart) played great today too.

"Oklahoma is going to be a tough game, but if we go out and execute and do our jobs nothing is impossible. We have to be sure tacklers, don't make mistakes and make plays. They are an explosive offense but if we do our jobs nothing is impossible."

WR Scotty McKnight
"Yeah, we did what we've been trying to do since Colorado State (offensively). We finally played like we practiced and (QB) Cody (Hawkins) was throwing some really great balls today. Our running game was really running today too."

"Having a strong running game really helped today; Miami was playing with their safeties down low so with our running game having success it allowed us to really open it up with play action."

"I think that everyone finally got to see a glimpse of what they (Josh Smith and Kendrick Celestine) are capable of. They have been showing us it in practice since they got here and when it finally clicks for them out there during the games they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. They help me a lot, their speed really opens things up for me and enables me to face single coverage and get open underneath. (TE) Nate (Solder), he's the new freak. Jevon Kearse get out of the way, he is unbelievable; he's huge, strong and really fast. When he get's on the field people need to watch out."

CB Terrence Wheatley
"We just did what we always do, we had a great game plan and were able to go out and execute it. We didn't do anything special, we just went out and made plays today.

"I really think we just did our job and our doing what we're supposed to do. We are going out and making plays. We are out there having fun, most of us have been playing for ten years and nothing changes, competition gets tougher but you still just need to go out there, have fun and make plays."

"I think it shows that we took Miami serious, that's about it. After Florida State, and feeling like we should have won that game, we could have come out thinking it was already over. But we came out and played how we are supposed to. You have to respect every team, they all have good players and everyone can play."

"It's good, it gives us more depth and experience. You don't want to have players making their first game appearance in crunch time or a bowl game."

"I think Oklahoma is a good team, and they have great skill players. We're going to need to bring our A game next Saturday and prepare well all week."

OL Ryan Miller
"It felt incredible. It went really well and I give the credit to the coaches and the older guys. They are always willing to help me when I need it. It is indescribable; it is a very surreal feeling.

"I am just trying to do what I am supposed to do. I'm blessed that the coaches think I am ready to play. "You always have to be ready to go. No matter when your number is called you have to be ready to step in there so that the offense doesn't miss anything because you came in the game."

OG Kai Maiava
"I have just been trying to stay ready for that moment. It just came today, now I have to keep pushing myself and the other lineman and staying prepared for when I get in there again.

"I did well today, but there is still room for improvement, there is always room for improvement."

"Coach Grimes was really over emphasizing to us to be the biggest and baddest offensive line in the nation. We really banged in practice this week and we knew that eventually it would break for us, and it happened today."

TB Brian Lockridge
"Our offense was balanced today, we helped the receivers and the receivers helped us today. It really worked well for us today. It felt great, I'm just trying to do what I can to help this team and to play hard every play in games and in practice."

"We all compliment each other really well. Every running back brings a little something different to the table, but we all build on each other and all push each other. We pride ourselves on making each other better and better.

"The last few games our running game wasn't where we wanted it to be, but we knew we just needed to keep working and preparing hard in practice and eventually we would get back to where we want to be, we were really emphasizing that in practice."

"The win was something that we needed, it gives us confidence going into Oklahoma and they are a great team. We can build on a win like this and now we can prepare for Oklahoma."

"In my mind I knew we'd get another one, I knew that we would score again, it is just something you can't control, and it comes when it does. It did feel good to get one that stood up, I'm glad that that third one did count. I'm just trying to continue to develop as a player and continue to play my role on the team and be the spark that I need to be."

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