Freeman Set For CU Visit

Offensive line prospect Dalton Freeman will suit up for his Pelion (S.C.) football team in regional play Friday night, then get up bright and early Saturday morning, get on a plane and fly to Colorado in time to be on the sidelines when Ralphie runs.

Saturday's trip to Colorado for the CU-Oklahoma game will be Dalton Freeman's second official recruiting visit of the fall. Freeman has already been to Penn State, and has an official trip to Florida State (Oct. 20 for the Miami game) set, too. (He's also been to watch home-state schools Clemson and South Carolina on game days during unofficial visits this fall).

Freeman plays on both sides of the line at Pelion High, where he's coached by his father, Ben Freeman. Dalton, who is being recruited as an offensive lineman, stands 6-foot-6 and weighs in the 270-pound range.

BSN spoke with him late Tuesday.

BSN: You've been to Boulder before. Tell me about that.
: Yeah, it was on an unofficial (visit) over the summer. It was great. It was unlike any place we'd ever seen before. It's just beautiful country.

BSN: What do you know about the Colorado football program?
: I know they have a lot of tradition, and they play in the Big 12, which is pretty big. The coaching staff that's taken over, they're all great guys. And they have a good plan.

Coach Grimes, their offensive line coach, he's looking to put together one of the most physical offensive lines in the country. And his offensive line (technical intern) Brad Bedell, he played in the NFL. You couldn't ask for much better guidance. Their plan and everything about that is pretty impressive.

BSN: What are you looking for in a school?
: A place where I fit in and feel at home. Where I feel comfortable around the coaches and the atmosphere. Where I can get a good degree and hopefully win a lot of games while I'm doing it.

BSN: What's it been like playing for your Dad?
: It's great. It has its disadvantages and its advantages. But all in all I couldn't ask for a better situation. We have a great relationship. He's pretty much my best friend. So it works out good.

BSN: Do you have a timeline about when you'll make your final decision on where you want to play?
: Not particularly. I want to take more of my visits and then kind of regroup from there. We'll see. Hopefully, it won't be signing day. But it's a big decision, and if it takes that long to make the right one, then that's what I'll do.

BSN: Last thing, how's your team doing this year?
: We're doing well. We're 5-1. The game we lost, we shouldn't have got beat. We had seven turnovers. But we're doing well. We start regional play this week.

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