Post-game Quotes, CU 27, Oklahoma 24

Inside, quotes from Colorado and Oklahoma coaches and players following CU's 27-24 win over the Sooners in Boulder.

Dan Hawkins

"We turned the ball over a couple of times there and put our defense at a disadvantage. We have to figure out this turnover thing and we were fortunate that our defense got some turnovers. Our guys were where they needed to be. All week I told them we were going to win this game. I've been doing this for 25 years and you know when your team is ready. You know when they are poised. I was really pleased when it looked like things were getting away from us and our guys just kept coming. Oklahoma is very good on defense and coach (Mark) Helfrich and (Jeff) Grimes did a good job of chipping away in the running game. It's like taking out concrete—you just have to keep pounding away. We made some plays in the passing game and Chase McBride made some good plays in the return game and, yes, he is a former walk-on now. It's good to get him on scholarship."

On Getting Too Excited Over The Win
"Not necessarily. I have just been doing this a long time. You have to stay the course. We have to be able to get back in here tomorrow and look at what we did wrong and what we did right and get better. You have to be mature enough as a staff, and as a team, to get back in here and say, ‘We did these things well, and these things not so well.' We just need to keep pushing forward."

On What This Win Means To The Program
I think last year we let the Georgia game slip away from us and that could have helped us in some other situations last year. But, clearly, it's good for your fans, your recruits and your alums to see you be able to play like that. It gives everybody confidence and I think that is big because it's our expectation as a program to be at a national championship caliber and that means that we have to be able to compete with those programs. You cannot just keep coming close—you have to be able to seal the deal. And, I think that's a little proof in the pudding for everybody."

On Being Down 24-7
"Again, if you look at it we had a couple of tipped balls that led to 14 points. We felt like we had some things going offensively. You're not going to run up and down the field on these guys—they're too good. But, we felt like we could get some things on them. We felt like we could get a little rhythm going. A game always turns on one or two plays and we were fortunate that we got a few turnovers and that helped us. Oklahoma took advantage of the turnovers early and we took advantage of them late. "

On Halftime Adjustments
"On defense, we didn't make a lot of changes. There were a few plays when we would miss a line ourselves and we had the right adjustment in, but our guys were not necessarily getting to the right spot. We tweaked a couple of things, but it was not really a wholesale deal."

On Oklahoma
"Oklahoma is a very good football team and like I said before, they don't have any weaknesses. But, we know what we're capable of doing and if we do what we're supposed to do, we can play with anybody. The games that we've had so far, the loss had nothing to do with the other team. Obviously, getting them at home and an early morning start was good for our football team.

On Cody Hawkins' Play
I got a big squeeze out of him. There were some things he missed, but there were some things he made. He is my son, but I love all these guys the same. I don't look out there saying, ‘look at the plays my kid is making.' I'm looking at, if he's making the right read or getting rid of the ball and throwing it to the right guy. He's been in a lot of big games and he's been around this thing for a long time. I think he was happy, but he wasn't surprised."

On Hugh Charles
"We really believe that he has the capability of becoming an All-Big 12 type of running back. However, we're also trying to get him to be a Walter Payton-type guy and bring it. He obviously has speed and power and he made some plays for us."

On Patrick Williams And Wide Receiver Corp
"We were really trying to get him (Patrick Williams) to believe in himself and we thought maybe we need to back off on him a little bit and not force the action and he responded by helping Cody (Hawkins) out on a couple plays. If you're going to be great you have to have people come in and step up and fill roles and be happy to do it. As long as they can all focus in that direction, we've got a chance to be pretty good."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

"I knew they had a great defense, they really played well and we knew that coming in (Colorado) was one of the best defenses we faced last year. They just really outplayed us. We got up 24-7 and then they outplayed us in a big time way the rest of the game. I give my compliments to them, they hung in there and made the plays. They executed the last quarter and a half a lot better than we did. They outplayed us and out-coached us in the second half. They fought their way to a heck of a win."

On the Upset
"It's never a shock when you're the one who is competing. We understood we needed to play well to win and we didn't. We made some really poor penalties and we didn't play very smart, we turned the ball over there late. You just can't have those things happen. The really poor, foolish things we did just killed us. We're not a very smart team right now."

On Turnovers
"It definitely doesn't help when you do one play and turn it over, stop them, and then do one play and turn it over again. You're out there the whole time. We're not very smart at how we conduct ourselves. We made some poor choices and it is disappointing. We emphasize and talk about it all the time but guys need to listen."

On Colorado's Running Game
"They executed and played better than we did. We had a lot of missed tackles and they blocked better than we defended. They made the holes and their running backs found them and ran through some things and made people miss them and made their plays."

On QB Cody Hawkins
"I thought he did a great job. What you appreciate about him is that we had some interceptions and some big plays on him and he hung in there and made his plays in the second half to help his team win."

On SS Daniel Dykes Interception (6:37 4th quarter)
"I thought that the turning point was the one down the middle when (Juaquin Iglesias) was wide open and it just goes off his fingers. With that, we would've had a big play and it would've put us in scoring position again but then (Colorado) gets it. That, to me, was when all the momentum switched and we never got it back."

On Mistakes
"We need to do more offensively and we can't have the dumb penalties we had on defense and we can't turn the football over. Anytime you turn the football over like this, away from home, you have a hard time winning."

On Oklahoma's Secondary
"At times they scrambled and found some guys. I thought we also defended a few balls. We got our hands on some and we intercepted some but in the end (Cody Hawkins) made some plays in the second half and we obviously could have covered better in some situations."

On His Thoughts at Halftime
"You just have to keep playing. I don't know if there was a change in intensity or not and there can't be. We got a good lead at 24-7 and knew there was a lot of football left to play. We didn't play very well from that point on and we need to do better than that."

On Next Week vs. Texas
"We've already talked about Texas. We talked about some things we didn't do very well today and what we need to get done for next week so that we can have a chance for the rest of the year."

Colorado Players
QB Cody Hawkins
GENERAL—"Getting the win and doing what we came here to do was what really felt good. We came in prepared and just went out and did what we needed to do. We knew coming in, it was going to be a crazy game, we new the crowd was going to be a factor and we had to make some changes. We changed up the snap count and just did a couple other things differently. It was a dogfight all day and in the end we came out with a win."

THOUGHTS BEFORE [KEVIN] EBERHART'S FINAL FIELD GOAL - "I hope he makes it, I hope he makes it, I hope he makes it. We have a lot of faith in Kevin, he's a great kicker, and unfortunately he missed that first one. But he came right over to the sidelines and I told him ‘We're going to need you to kick the game winner. I wasn't sure it was going to happen, but it sure did. And he came through when we needed him. I'm still a little excited, and I need to breathe."

GENERAL OFFENSE/DEFENSE – "We know that with the guys we have on offense, we had a lot of stuff dialed up that we knew would work. We just had to execute our plays well and get the ball back. Our defense played out of their mind, they just played a great game. Oklahoma's a great offense, our defense gave us the ball and gave our playmakers a chance to move the football and score points."

ON BEATING OKLAHOMA – "It means a lot. A lot of my friends in Boise got after them last year, and I was a little upset that I didn't get a piece of Oklahoma. Jordon [Dizon] told me to give him some of that Boise State mojo, and I said to heck with that, lets get some Colorado mojo. I think that's kind of what we're starting to get going around here. I know Stoops is a great coach and he has his guys prepared each week. You don't win games like that when you overlook opponents. They were well prepared coming in and they had a good game plan. Luckily, things went our way when we really needed them to. We knew we were going to have a chance to when. And when the ball went through the goal posts at the very end I was ecstatic."

AFTER OKLAHOMA'S SPECIAL TEAMS' TURNOVER – "We knew we were going to get the ball back in a great situation. We knew we had to punch it in and our offense was fired up and ready to go. Again, our special teams played awesome today and they really contributed to the win."

ON HIS BROTHER DREW HAWKINS' PERFORMANCE THIS WEEKEND – "I was pretty impressed with the kid. I was more fired up last night than for any game I've ever played in, except for today. It was nice for us to get the win, and get the family rolling on a positive note, going into the rest of the week."

ON HOMECOMING – "When you look at your schedule and see that your homecoming game is against Oklahoma, you know it's a great opportunity for your football team. It's tough to focus on your floats and your parades when you're preparing for a team like the Sooners. It's awesome, because we have so many alumni and former players here who got to see the game and see the kind of program we're trying to get going here."

ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE – "We've got some great players on our offensive line and unfortunately they've been catching a lot of heat when they don't need to. When the running game is going bad, you're always going to blame it on the offensive line. And when your QB is getting sacked, they're going to blame it on the offensive line. We have a great coach in [Jeff] Grimes and he's got our offensive line to the extent that they think they can play with anybody."

ON BELIVING THE TEAM COULD WIN – "Every single guy on the team did. There wasn't anybody inside the locker room who thought we were going to lose that game. If you just watch film, they are a great football team. But if you look at how they're actually playing, we can def match up, and def have a chance to win. Everybody's kind of been making fun of us for the ‘could-of, would-of, should-of' but finally we did go out and we ‘should-of and we didda [did it]'."

ON GETTING A SIGNATURE WIN – "The era is definently not over, because we have a long season and a lot of games. A lot of people have been talking about getting a signature win, and I don't know if this is it yet, it's a huge win for the program. Just for the people's opinion on the potential we have on this football team. I'm really excited for what we've done and where we're going. Obviously we'd like to be 5-0 right now, but that isn't the case. We have to prepare for the Bears and right on down the line to keep coming out the rest of the season and keep working hard."

ON THE OFFENSE – "If you're running the football successfully, it's only going to help your passing game. College football is a really long game, there might be 12 minutes left in a football game, and you could be down by a couple of scores, You can score a lot of points really fast. And you know you're never out of it, we just needed to execute our assignments and make plays when the opportunities presented themselves."

AFTER THE GAME – "My helmet got jacked, and Stephone Robinson took one in the eye. There were people all over the place; I've been to some crazy concerts and that was worse than all of them. I thought it was very exciting to see the students get in to it like they were. The guys on our team, we respect Oklahoma very much, but we definently weren't scared."

LB Jordon Dizon
GENERAL – "We just did the things that we had to do. There was no one being superman out there, and nobody was doing things that were unnatural, everyone just did their job and did the right things when they had to do it. In the fourth quarter, we came in with some interceptions and got the ball back, and we played hard."

ON THE OFFENSE - We've had confidence in the offense since I've been here. We have a bunch of new players and a new system, and it's hard. Defense is easy; you just run up and tackle the offense. For them to come out (the offense) and do what they did against one of the top defenses in the nation is awesome. It gives them a bunch of confidence and gives the team a bunch of confidence. They know what they can do now."

ON THE DEFENSE – "It was great coaching. We took care of our details, and we did whatever we had to do to get them off the field. That's the defense's job, you either make them punt or you get the ball back by making a turnover. We did both, and when things like that happen, the offense has a lot of opportunities to score points. They had two interceptions, which were tipped balls, and if that didn't happen, that's two less touchdowns. But it can go both ways, we had two interceptions, so it kind of evens things out in the end. But we came out victorious and that's all that matters."

ON THE TEAM'S CONFIDENCE – "We're on the verge; we're on the edge of being a great team. We just need a little confidence in ourselves. The players are trusting in the coaches, and the coaches are trusting in the players. We just need a little confidence to push us over the edge. We knew we had a lot of confidence after Florida State. They're a good team with some good players and we hung with them. Once we knew we could hang with them, we knew we could play with anybody."

ON THE FANS – "We've got the best fans. I've played in Texas A&M and Oklahoma and at Texas, but we by far have the greatest fans. They came through for us at the end, I appreciate everything they did. They really came through for us, and I think we should re-name our fans ‘The 12th Man' and we can take it away from Texas A&M."

ON OKLAHOMA'S OFFENSE – "They do not do a lot of motions or a lot of trickery. They just come straight down your throats, it's just one of those things where you have to lower your head and take it like it is, because they're coming after you. They had a couple big plays, they run the ball hard, they have a great running back with a great offensive line."

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