Pericak Staying Put

Hometown kid Will Pericak took a trip up The Hill this weekend on an official visit to Colorado. He told CU coaches after the visit he wants to spend more time in Folsom Stadium in the years ahead.

Will Pericak, who plays tight end and linebacker for the Panthers, said he liked the idea of staying in Boulder for his collegiate career so his family can watch him play on Saturdays. He also cited the competition in the Big 12 and the opportunity to get a good education at CU as reasons to commit to CU.

"I just kind of liked the feel. It feels right," he said.

Pericak had offers from Colorado State and Air Force, as well.

Pericak said he and the other recruits on their official visits to Boulder last Saturday for the Oklahoma game went to breakfast with the CU team.

"We kind of went through the pre-game ritual, the meetings and walkthrough," he said. "Then we went to the game, which was awesome. "

He met with academic staff at halftime of the game. While the other recruits spent time with CU players Saturday evening, Pericak had another commitment — he went to Boulder High's Homecoming Dance before going back to CU Sunday for an official tour of the athletic facilities.

Pericak said CU coaches have talked about him playing tight end in college. But it's still up in the air.

"They also said I could play a multitude of positions," Pericak said. "They've got to see how I develop. They want to put me where I can have the most success."

Boulder High is coming off two wins and plays Cherry Creek this week.

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