NCAA Slaps CU With Two Years Probabtion

Recruiting violations beginning in 1995-96 and continuing through the 1998-99 season have come back to haunt the University of Colorado and former Head Coach Rick Neuheisel.

eiselColorado's football team was put on two years' probation by the NCAA on Tuesday for recruiting violations under former coach Rick Neuheisel.

The NCAA cut the school's football scholarships and accepted Colorado's self-imposed recruiting limits, including reducing the number of visits by recruits from 61 to 51 during this school year.

Neuheisel, now Washington's coach, was barred from off-campus recruiting until May 31.

The improper recruiting contacts began during the 1995-96 school year and ended in 1998-99. The NCAA's infractions committee ruled that Colorado didn't properly monitor its football staff.

"This was a serious case in which a football coaching staff, led by the former head football coach, in a calculated attempt to gain a recruiting advantage, pushed beyond the permissible bounds of legislation, resulting in a pattern of recruiting violations," the committee's ruling said.

During a 12-hour hearing in August, Neuheisel told the committee he and his staff had accidental encounters with prospects on high school campuses -- called "bumping" -- and that Colorado did not gain a recruiting advantage as a result.

Other alleged violations included letting recruits keep cold-weather gear and other apparel, improper use of private aircraft, and excessive compensation to recruits up to $36.76.

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