Q&A with Alonzo Barrett

On Saturday, Colorado will face Graham Harrell, the Texas Tech quarterback who typically gets rid of the ball in a hurry. Inside, CU defensive end Alonzo Barrett talks about the keys to defending Harrell and the Red Raiders.

BSN: Whenever I watch Texas Tech, their offensive linemen always have those huge splits. What's it like to go up against that?
Alonzo Barrett
: It's different. You don't get to see it all the time. But our offense has been showing a lot of looks like that since the spring. There's a lot of gaps, and you want to just hit ‘em. But you've got to do your job. And, actually, last year they didn't widen their splits as often as they usually do.

BSN: So is there that temptation to try and move over to those gaps?
: Yeah, but you've jut got to play your job.

BSN: What's the key to pressuring a guy like Graham Harrell who gets the ball and gets rid of it quickly?
: It's not so much about sacking him, but when he gets rid of the ball quickly, we've got to get our hands up and get some PBUs (passes broken up) as a d-line. That's just about as effective as a sack. We've got to get our hands up and get PBUs.

BSN: What did you guys do that was successful last year?
: Turnovers. We got five turnovers last year. That helped us a lot. That's just been the main thing – we haven't been able to get turnovers like we've needed to this season. As a defense, we've got to do a better job with that.

BSN: You guys emphasize turnovers all time. How do you make them happen?
: When you're tackling a guy, the first guy secures the tackle, the second guy strips the ball. Just try and make it happen.

BSN: Three of the turnovers last year were interceptions. Could you sense your pressure was getting to him a little bit?
: I don't know. You know, any quarterback who sits back there all day can complete passes. So we've definitely got to get pressure on him and force him to make bad throws.

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