Colorado Postgame Quotes

Colorado went into Lubbock Saturday and beat Texas Tech 31-26. CU intercepted four TTU passes, and Hugh Charles rushed for 121 yards in the win. Inside, postgame quotes from head coach Dan Hawkins, Charles and defensive tackle George Hypolite.

Head Coach Dan Hawkins
On the play of running back Hugh Charles

"He did a nice job, he really did. He really ran tough; I wish we would've got him a little more room down the stretch there when we needed to make some drives, but none of that was really his problem."

On the defense his team used against Texas Tech today
"We just wanted to kind of mix it up. Ron [Collins, defensive coordinator] did a few different things then he did last year. It's interesting because I think if you look at what Missouri did last week was kind of exactly what we did last year. I thought Ron did a nice job of throwing in a few wrinkles and keeping them off balance a little bit."

On the performance of cornerback Terrence Wheatley in today's game
"Well that was huge; anytime you get three turnovers [it's big], and they got him on the one touchdown pass, but he's a really good player and he and Jordon [Dizon] both came up huge today. Anybody that watches tape knows that he's pretty good. We've kind of been on him a little bit because his expectations are high, and ours are as well, so we kind of challenge him a little bit and he definitely answered."

On whether he had planned on seeing more of Tech running back Shannon Woods
"Yeah, but it's interesting because when you're scheming up a team, it's not so much that you scheme up necessarily one guy in a sense. That's part of the equation, but once the game gets going, you're playing your defense regardless of who's in there."

On Colorado's efficiency on its opening drives
"I think Mark [Helfrich, offensive coordinator] and those guys have done a great job all year long and we've been a pretty efficient club coming out of the tunnel. We were only able to get three on the first drive of the second half, but I just think that Mark and Jeff [Grimes] and the other offensive coordinators do a good job of figuring out what teams are doing and what's the best way to move the chains on them."

On whether he thought his team was comfortably ahead after taking a 24-6 lead in the third quarter
"Against these guys, you never feel like that, you really don't. I tend to think that way anyway, because I've seen too many games flip-flop. It was a good momentum builder but clearly not the end of the game by any means."

On whether controlling the ball and the clock was part of his team's defensive game plan
"I think that sometimes time of possession is really overrated. It's great when you can drive 80 yards and take up a lot of time and score, but it's not so good if you go 40 yards and you eat up a bunch of clock and do nothing with it. They're going to answer in a hurry, so you've got to be able to put scores on the board."

On how his team responded to the early start for the second time this season
"I'm just so used to doing it all the time; we've had some really late games and some early games. I think we've just really tried to get our guys to be indigenous to the circumstances and try to develop sort of a mentality that it doesn't matter what the weather is, or the time of day, or where it is, you've got to show up and be ready to go."

On the nine-yard reception by his son, quarterback Cody Hawkins
"That was impressive; that was a pretty good catch. I was telling Scott [McKnight] when he was throwing it, I said, ‘Just look at his old man, he's got limited athletic ability, so give him a shot,' He made a great catch, and it was a good throw by Scotty too."

Running back Hugh Charles
On the preparation of the game

"He [Coach Hawkins] got really pumped up last week. We are a team that we have to show, we can't talk about it, we got to show the world who we are and what we can do." I believe Coach Hawkins has grasped onto that and that is why he was kind of quiet this week.

On being an underdog
"Definitely, we are always underdogs, and every week we are underdogs. We don't take it personal at all and we prepare the same every week and the coaches motivate us to stay focused because we are a young team."

On Tech's Defense
They had a basic 4-3 defense and we have run on a defense like that before. Tech has a pretty good defense and just got a new defensive coordinator and I felt they got confused on a couple of things but they will pick it up.

Defensive tackle George Hypolite
Pressure on Graham Harrell

"As a defense we did a really good job, a lot of time as a defensive tackle its hard to bring the quarterback to the ground because even if you beat the guy there is still two guys in front of you and the quarterback can always scramble out. Our ends and linebackers when they got contained, did a good job of coming up and getting into his face and if I flushed him they finished the play"

Strategy against Tech
"Definitely, Missouri laid a framework if you can get pressure and put guys in his face and when he throws the ball he is a little sporadic. But when he sets his face and can sit back in the backfield and gets time he will pick you apart. "

On if they had the right defense to stop Tech
"Every defense is different. The way we play defense we are very gap sound, we stop the run first and foremost. Try to apply pressure to aide the defensive backs because we put our DB's in a lot of man coverage, we don't play a lot of zone.

Defenses are different around the country, guys plays 3-4 and run different styles of 4-3's, and maybe a defense that plays like us, but also you have to have the right personnel. The coaches did a good job of putting the right players and personnel on the field. "

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