Hawkins Big 12 Media Teleconference

Dan Hawkins took part in the weekly Big 12 Conference coaches' teleconference Monday. Inside, Hawkins talks about Missouri, the Iowa State quarterback situation and the fact that three Big 12 teams are in the top 6 of the BCS standings.

Q: Can you talk about what you saw from the Missouri tight ends this weekend?
Dan Hawkins
: (laugh) I was giving Chase (Daniel) a hug after the game and tell him how much I respected him and what a great player he was and I bumped into one of their tight ends and I said, ‘You're another one of the guys that I don't really like.'

They're impressive. They really are. Just to be that big, and that mobile and that fast. They made some great catches and great runs with the ball, as well. Those guys are very, very good.

Q: Is that what you expected coming in?
: Oh yeah. We knew they were very talented. I've said it many times, but they run a great scheme, they're in full command of it, they have really good players with experience. They are very good.

Q: What did Missouri's defense do to maybe confuse your offensive line and Cody (Hawkins) a little bit?
: They brought a little bit of pressure. I don't know that it was anything we didn't expect or know they were capable of doing. But we ended up having 12 penalties. You turn the ball over a little bit and momentum swings against you — you get out of rhythm.

Q: Seeing that Iowa State is going to play two quarterbacks the rest of the season, does that make it a little more difficult to game plan?
: No, we kind of expected to see both of them. I think they're both pretty talented.

Q: You've had a chance now to see OU, you've had a chance to see Missouri and Kansas. And you've also played Arizona State and Florida State. Is it really a surprise to you to see three Big 12 teams in the top six when you look at the BCS poll this morning?
: A surprise? Not at all.

Q: How good are those three teams in the Big 12, relative to teams you've seen across the country?
: They're really good. Florida State obviously has great people; they've been up and down a little bit at quarterback. That being said, all those teams are on par with those guys. Arizona State, they're on par with those guys. Those are very good football teams.

Q: If you talked with people across the country before the start of the season, there might have been a little bit of shock value if you'd have said there would be three Big 12 teams in the top 6.
: Who you talkin' too? (laughs)

Q: But isn't a surprise to you to look up and see two Big 12 North teams?
: No, none of that surprises me. People get paid a lot of money to pontificate and try and predict and see what's going to happen. That's a great thing about college football. But those guys that are inside the trenches digging it out day to day, they know what those teams are capable of.

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