Hawkins Big 12 Media Teleconference

Inside, Colorado coach Dan Hawkins' quotes from Monday's Big 12 media teleconference, in which Hawkins addressed questions about the fluky ending to Saturday's loss at Iowa State.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Walt yet? (to get clarification about the end-of-game ruling by the officials in CU's 31-28 loss at Iowa State).
Dan Hawkins
: Yeah, I did.

Q: What did he tell you?>
Dan Hawkins
: I'll let the conference office say that?

Q: Are you satisfied with what you heard?
Dan Hawkins
: Ah, well, yeah.

Q: There were probably times in your career where you've had to bite your tongue real hard. And it hurts in regard to officiating. Mike Leach did not do that the other day. He teed off pretty good. I'm wondering, do you feel like a coach should be able to say whatever he wants about officials after a game, or is it a good thing a conference has rules in place to limit that kind of stuff?
Dan Hawkins
: Well, you've got me in a vice here a little bit. People make the rules. I think you have to abide by the rules. I think the rules are a good thing. I think each individual has to handle those however they see fit. But it's never easy when you're on either side.

Q: Have you had some instances in the past where it was really hard to bite your tongue?
Dan Hawkins
: Well, the thing that I've always said is, my kids have been involved in sports and I've been involved in sports for a long time. It's not easy. You've got 100,000 people watching the game and a bunch of TV people and all those kinds of things. So you're obviously going to get a whole lot of scrutiny. It's not an easy position to be in. And it's an easy spot to get criticized (in). And I think the advent of instant replay to some extent has made it even harder.

But the world is not perfect. People are not perfect. And coaches and announcers and media guys and officials all try to do the best job they can. At some point at the end of the day I think we all have to take the upper hand a little bit and use some discretion.

Q: I didn't see the replay and I'm just trying to get an interpretation of what happened. I've read the stories, but can you just describe what you saw in those last two snaps?
Dan Hawkins
: We ran out and tried to kick a field goal. We got called for delay of game because it was snapped before it was marked ready for play. And then we kicked a second field goal and time had expired.

Q: When the ball was set for the second field goal, the interpretation was the snap didn't come off in time?
Dan Hawkins
: Yeah, you'd have to talk to the conference office about their interpretation.

Q: Considering the way that that game played out: The way that Iowa State came back, the way you came back on them, and then it finishing the way it did — how frustrating is it to have lost in the way that you did?
Dan Hawkins
: You know, it's life. It really is. I know I'm always the Chinese philosopher on this thing. But the highs and lows of life will not be experienced if you're not willing to throw yourself into it. And so, from that standpoint, those things are always painful — they really are — but it's all part of the whole building and growth of a young man and a person and a football team. If anyone is not willing to have themselves go through a little of pain, gosh, you're just not going to experience much in life. Because it's seldom a fast track or a smooth road to the top. It just doesn't happen that way.

Q: Can you talk about how Cody (Hawkins) played the other day compared to the struggles he had the week before?
Dan Hawkins
: He did alright. He missed a couple throws in there, but he made a couple throws. He didn't turn the ball over. We took one sack which really was the result of him fumbling the shotgun sack. He probably had a better day than last week, but again, he's like any other kid. I think any good quarterback is going to measure himself by how good his team does.

Q: Can you talk about George Hypolite? I know he came up with a couple sacks the other day.
Dan Hawkins
: George and Brandon (Nicolas) have both done a nice job inside. Both very sturdy men and very smart. And tough guys. They do a nice job in there of disrupting things. He's hard to single block in there.

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